Resistance to Change: new YouTube video

Do you tend to see resistance to change as a problem to be fixed or an obstacle to be overcome?

If we can change our perspective on it slightly, resistance to change can be useful and positive rather than a hindrance and negative.

Our resistance then becomes a helpful tool or message, and can open up a range of new options.


People resist change when they perceive it – consciously or unconsciously – as a threat.

Sometimes, these perceived threats can be quite obvious or easily identified. But these threats and fears can at times be very subtle, hidden or even counter-intuitive – especially when dealing with self growth, personal development or more immediate challenges.

Resistance to change often shows up as an almost physical block – a really strong sensation that wants you to run in the opposite direction or avoid it at all costs!

We don’t always spot the fear that underlies our strong response. It might be triggered by a new idea or a positive change we want to make that somehow threatens our sense of identity, confidence or connection with others.Continue reading

Viral Happiness: new YouTube video

What if happiness was contagious? A viral kind of thing.

Where performing a small act of kindness or compassion can not only make us happy, but that kindness can make someone else feel happy too…

Latest research shows that happiness IS contagious. And that one small act of kindness can not only spread happiness to those 2 people, but to the friends of friends of both those people. How cool is that?!

Creating happiness is also a skill that can be learnt, despite being hard to define – as we’ll each have our own unique definitions.

One thing it is not, is a final destination to be arrived at. It is something we all seek continuously, yet we don’t always achieve; and there are times when we can feel decidedly unhappy.

Are we looking in the wrong places? Or maybe focusing on the wrong things?Continue reading

In Hindsight & With Hindsight: new YouTube Video

If we consider a past experience with the wisdom we currently have, it gives us the opportunity to reframe it – in hindsight and with hindsight.

Looking at things in hindsight doesn’t just have to be about slapping our own wrists for things gone wrong.

This amazing function of our brain allows us to transform a long-ago embarrassing situation into a funny reminiscence. A fear-filled time into evidence of how brave we can be even when we don’t feel like it. Or a difficult time of challenge into an inspirational story to share or a character-defining experience. Our perspective gives us the ability to choose a new way of viewing these memories.

Join Sam in this short YouTube video as she shares why looking at things in hindsight can be a powerful tool for the future, as well as the past.

For more on Hindsight, including a personal example, check out this earlier blog post.

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The Man Your Man Could Smell Like… Using Video to Raise your Visibility

Unless you’ve been on Mars or are a complete technophobe, you’ll have seen the hilarious viral video for Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like and the latest version. Watch the original here – it has had more than 35 MILLION views as I write.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like...

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Old Spice

This tongue-in-cheek clip is an hilarious poke at the retro vibe of a ‘man’s man’ and as such appeals to both my generation who remember the original Old Spice ads (“the mark of a man”) as well as younger YouTube viewers who love the cocky,faux irreverent machismo humour. Beautifully scripted and delivered with bang on precision by actor Isaiah Mustafa these ads are helping Old Spice shift product like nothing before. Creating demand, where before there was but a trickle. Clever, eh? And very compelling.

Which brings me spicely on to… how do you advertise yourself? Specifically in your professional life? What are you doing to make you and your business as compelling and engaging as the Old Spice character?Continue reading