The Willpower Challenge: “I Will!” versus “Will I?”

Engaging our willpower to achieve certain goals and outcomes in life is deemed essential. But what if we turn the forceful proclamation of “I Will!” into “Will I?”

Gina and Chris play with syntax and discover that we can reduce the pressure, yet still be productive, by asking ourselves this very powerful question.

When we try to use our willpower toward a goal, we can quickly feel guilty or embarrassed if we start to fall short. Whether that’s for ourselves or other people’s expectations of us.

Yet, research shows if we have an open mind about what we might accomplish, we feel like any and every positive move we make we are getting ahead of expectations and can feel like we’re winning.

It makes the process better – whether you’re trying to save money or try to exercise – and you can develop a better sense of pride at each step of progress.

Additionally, when you ask the inquisitive question of “Will I?” you go a little deeper into understanding your interest in taking the action, your motivation to do it, and on a practical level gets you to think more clearly about what you actually need to do in order to take the necessary action.

Little things like planning out your day and determining when, where and how you’ll do it in advance will dramatically increase your odds of success and saves your willpower for the things that truly need an extra dose of inner strength.

Listen to this podcast with Chris and Gina for further insights and get ready for a new start on your goals and tasks with less resistance and more fun.

Leave us a comment on how this changes your perspective and what success you’ve had by asking “Will I?”.

The Power Behind Willpower

How many times has someone said to you “Ugh…I couldn’t do that. I don’t have the willpower.” It’s a commonly used phrase but most of the time people don’t realise what they’re saying. They are labeling themselves as someone who is in a state of lack, and often believe it’s a fault in their DNA!

In this podcast, Paul and Chris discuss the real power behind willpower and explain fastest way to overcome the lack of willpower in any situation.