Wombles clean up London after riots and looting

The riots and looting in London and other cities around the UK are shocking. An out of control mob mentality without conscience profiteering from a terrible situation. However, good always triumphs over thuggery. And the famous Brit Blitz spirit has surfaced yet again, resulting in flash mobs of so-called Wombles connecting via Twitter and Facebook to clean up Clapham, Battersea and other boroughs in the capital. Paul and Gina discuss how these groups of volunteers are sending a powerful message to the thugs: no matter what you do we will clean up and help our neighbours.

Something always positive comes out of negative events, and it’s been interesting to see how social networking has played a major part in bringing these Womble clean-up mobs together for the benefit of their own communities – and communities in other parts of London.


There must be something good about Halifax?

The High Street in Halifax at 7pm

This was the question posed to me recently on Twitter. You see, I’ve been spending a LOT of time in Halifax recently. It’s a relatively small town in West Yorkshire, in the north of England. It’s situated in a valley with three main roads in and out of the town. Most of the roads are one-way and traffic can be snarled up for quite some time during rush hour. There are a couple of very large companies based there which means a lot of people commute. This, in my humble opinion, is the root of the problem. Continue reading

Did Curiosity Really Kill the Cat?

I chose the tag CuriosityCoach for my (much-neglected) Twitter account, I sign many of my business (& private) emails ‘With love & curiosity’, and I believe my personal mantra that: Where true curiosity is present, judgement cannot exist.

Yet like all words, ‘curiosity’ is as open to individual interpretation as the rest of them. Continue reading

Dealing with negative people

Once again from recent experiences with Twitter Paul finds himself discussing them on the Podcast. This time Paul and Gina cover dealing with negative people without having your head in the clouds, or sand for that matter!

Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

LANCE ARMSTRONG has just had his bike nicked – and broken his collar bone, Jonathan Ross is taking his sick dog to the vet, Stephen Fry is enjoying his day off in Bali (and looking very tanned and svelte I must say), Ashton Kutcher is missing his missus… and Marj from Cincinnati is gonna have a quick … (!) before she picks up the kids from school. twitter-logo

And how do I know these gems? From the 140-character world of the latest social networking craze – Twitter. Move over Facebook and MySpace – Twitter is the SMS (short message service) of choice among 25s and overs.
Continue reading

What is your X?

Thanks to my twitter friend liveknowingthis for the inspiration of this podcast. She simply posted “If I removed X from my life I would be sooo much happier” – what is your X?”

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