If it’s not OK, it’s not the end

Sometimes kids say things that make us laugh because it’s an unexpected phrase from someone so young. Sometimes they say things that show wisdom beyond their years that cause us to stop in our tracks and really think about how we ‘older kids’ behave, view the world and what we believe.

I received a tweet this week which quoted a young girl. This young girl is battling cancer and going through chemotherapy. She told her parents “”Everything will be OK in the end; If it’s not OK, it is not the end”. She also says her mum Continue reading

Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

LANCE ARMSTRONG has just had his bike nicked – and broken his collar bone, Jonathan Ross is taking his sick dog to the vet, Stephen Fry is enjoying his day off in Bali (and looking very tanned and svelte I must say), Ashton Kutcher is missing his missus… and Marj from Cincinnati is gonna have a quick … (!) before she picks up the kids from school. twitter-logo

And how do I know these gems? From the 140-character world of the latest social networking craze – Twitter. Move over Facebook and MySpace – Twitter is the SMS (short message service) of choice among 25s and overs.
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