How to Give Effective Feedback

Giving feedback to others is something almost all of us do on a regular basis – sometimes more proactively, sometimes reactively. Often times done poorly.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris discuss the critical difference between giving well-intended feedback and well-delivered feedback. Delivering feedback well is a combination of making it meaningful, specific, respectful and authentic. Whether it’s to colleagues at the office, your kids at home or your partner, with a bit of forethought and consideration, you can have a significant impact on someone’s day…all in a matter of a few, well-delivered seconds.

Listen now and leave us a comment on what results you experienced after putting this in place.

Are you Trustworthy?

Do you do what you say you will? Are you trustworthy? Do you find that by not following through you are really letting yourself down as well as others?

Chris and Gina cover the subject of walking your talk. Tip number 54 in our eBook. By not following up with what you have promised can really put a strain on your own self confidence. Where as if you stay true to your commitment you’ll feel more empowered.

Family coaching with expert Alan Wilson

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with your children? Do you spend more time trying to control and discipline than talking with and listening to them? If you are feeling disempowered as a parent, then this podcast may well be the answer to your prayers! Gina talks to family coach pioneer, Alan Wilson, founder of Develop Your Child, about effective ways to engage with and listen to your children, leading to a deeper emotional connection and a more fulfilling and supportive family dynamic.

For further information on family coaching and resources available visit Alan’s website at: