What Would You Like Help With?

Every so often we get a request from one of our listeners to cover a certain issue. We absolutely LOVE these kinds of requests and we would dearly like to have more of them.

So now is your chance to drop me an email to Paul (at) ActionPodcast (dot) com and let me know what you’d like to hear in a future podcast.

It can be pretty much any topic at all, health, goal setting or maybe a specific problem you are trying to over come. Even if you aren’t sure if it’s something we normally cover, drop us a note and we’ll have a chat with you first if we need more information or need to clarify anything.

So drop us an email, leave a comment or post something on our facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


A Fix For A Fixer

After a recent request for topics, I was given a request by one of my friends and listeners.

“Ok. here is something that I can use some help with. I’m a ‘fixer’ I like to help as much as possible. The problem is that my wife has cancer and this is something I can’t fix. I want to help but not sure what I can do other than being supportive (which to me isn’t enough). So can you advise a fix for a fixer?”

Sam and I (Paul) talked about the topic and both thought it through for a week before recording this podcast. It was quite different to our normal ones, but I hope you find it interesting.


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When You Just Can’t Remember…

Last week Paul & Sam had to skip their usual podcasting date, as Sam’s wireless connection picked that night to go on strike! Instead of totally skipping it, the time was used for a phone call to discuss the exciting idea for a topic Sam had thought of, as well as to update each other on current challenges.

This week, technology was on best-behaviour. But neither Sam nor Paul could remember the topic they’d been planning to podcast about! What happens when you just can’t remember…?!

Paul: So Sam, do you have any ideas for a topic tonight?

Sam: Um, didn’t we have one last week that we discussed and got really excited about?
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