Time Management Tips – Where does all the time go?

Over the years I’ve taken many courses and tried many approaches to ‘time management’. (Of course, that’s a misnomer of a topic title since you don’t manage time whatsoever. You manage yourself as time passes.)

Planning my day. Planning my week. Scheduling tasks and appointments – even for time just to think and work in silence. Recording actual vs. planned. Monitoring interruptions. Re-planning by Wednesday since the original plan from Monday has all gone up in flames.

I’m not sure I can accurately describe why I have a mild obsession about improving in this area, but I admit I do.

And one thing that is clear to me is trying to solve the wrong problem won’t give you the right answer.

The first step to improving your time management is to accurately diagnosis where the problem lies. Here are a few tips on where to look and where to begin.Continue reading

Practice Active Listening

Have you ever noticed that moment when the person you’re speaking to suddenly seems to mentally drift away, their eyes glaze over and you know they’re not listening to you any more? Do you do that to others?

In this podcast, Sam and Chris discuss three levels of listening and offer practical tips to ensure you not only listen well but remain engaged and interested in your conversations.

This topic was inspired by the recent request from a listener, and our answering podcast – The Dance of a Social Butterfly.
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