Quick Tips for Managing Stress

42. stressed... (part 5)

Stress management is one of the most important skills everyone  must learn and master. In today’s world, stress is inevitable and the only chance we have at dealing with it successfully, is by learning how to manage it.

Depending on the levels of stress, a person may have varying symptoms. Many people experience sleeplessness, lack of appetite, back, and neck pains, mental fatigue, and other early signs of health deterioration. People who are constantly under a lot of stress are often cranky, irritable, always on the verge of anger; they are miserable, and ultimately unhappy.

The worst thing is you end up unable to focus, your work productivity suffers, you’re unable to work with your team, and are always fearful and anxious about practically everything. Most people have the tendency to take stress lightly. However, when left unaddressed, stress can have severe effects on a person’s overall health, productivity, and countenance.

Below are some very practical tips on how to manage stress.

  • You need to be on the lookout for early signs of stress. Do you work nonstop? Are you always anxious? Do you have less time for family because you’re always working? Do you have poor sleep? All these are early signs of stress that you need to manage immediately. Talk to your partner, friend, work colleague or coach about your need for work-life balance and assess your own habits to see what you need to improve.

  • Get physical. Try to integrate exercise, enough rest, and social activities into your daily life. Read books, take walks, eat good food, and get to bed on time. Developing your physical and emotional health will help you battle stress when it comes. When you see early signs of stress creep in, get back to your routine of activities, rest, and socialisation, and keep at it.

  • Organize your priorities. Perform tasks in order of importance and urgency – by doing this you will be able to accomplish more with less stress. Don’t forget to delegate tasks to others, you can’t do everything on your own or you will end up burning yourself out, allow people to help you.

  • Time management is critical to stress management. Make a timetable of responsibilities and tasks, and make sure you include time for family, social activities, and personal time. Do not over schedule tasks in a single day; spread them out wisely so you do not fall into stress.

  • Stay positive. Stop complaining and whining about things. Fill your mind with positive thoughts instead of self-defeating thoughts. You need to learn to motivate yourself and encourage yourself every day. Start your day with some simple meditation, and just have fun with work. Never lose your passion and allow stress to move in.


Can’t Stop Worrying? The Solution Is Here…

UntitledDo you worry too much? Are you close to someone who constantly worries? There’s so much going on in your life, your job, personal relationships, finances, health, and a dozen other things. It’s understandable if you have a lot on your mind.

However, if you worry too much, you are just adding unnecessary stress on top of everything else that’s on your plate. Worrying prevents you from enjoying other things in your life, or at least those parts that you’re not worried about.

Here are some tips that can help you put an end to your worrying:Continue reading

How First Impressions Affect You Every Day

We all know how important first impressions are when meeting someone or in a job interview.

But have you every realised how much first impressions affect you each and every day. What is your first impression of the day ahead?

What do you normally feel the first thing in the morning in a typical week?

Do you just go through the motions with no thoughts in particular? Or do you tend to get quickly drawn into thoughts of stress, worry or discontent?

There’s no doubt that our thoughts shape our emotions and feelings so if you want to feel differently in the morning – and about the mornings – then you need to change your thoughts.

In this podcast Gina and Chris discuss practical tips and strategies for setting your day up for success by choose to create healthy, happy and positive first impressions to make you more resourceful and resilient for whatever the day throws at you.

Let us know what you do to start the day and how you create your own first impressions.


Easy Ways To Deal With Everyday Stress

Day 5, Project 365 - 10.25.09

Stress may well be a part of your life for as long as you live. The amount of stress you endure each day is often manifested in your mood, behavior, and even your own health. Stress is mostly defined as a person’s response when he tries to cope with excessive pressure arising from too many demands, responsibilities, and tasks.

You’ve heard of good stress, this is the stimulating feeling you get when you are working on something and need to think creatively to achieve good results. Often, people welcome ‘good stress’ as a breather from their routine job that tends to get boring.

However there’s also destructive stress. This is what you get from a job that poses extreme pressure, huge responsibilities, and requires long enduring hours of work. Every day, your stress levels increase and you may fall deeper into depression, gloominess, and health problems.

Unmanaged stress may be destructive to health. Studies have shown that people with higher unmanaged stress levels have also shown higher incidence of medical problems. A closer look at yourself may reveal your level of stress.

Here are some symptoms to tell whether you have high levels of unmanaged stress:Continue reading

Holiday Stress Test – does travel preparation spoil your trip?

stress free zoneIf preparing to travel makes you feel so stressed you start to wonder whether going away is worth it, then you’ve failed the holiday stress test!

The idea of a week or two away might sound like a dream come true, but for many of us an approaching holiday signifies a period of major stress:

  • Things seem to get busier at work, and we want to clear any loose ends before we go away;
  • Preparing to travel (incl. packing) requires a lot of planning and organisation;
  • Our health or holiday budgets can become a concern;
  • Arranging care for our pets can be difficult;
  • And even getting the house ready (so that we don’t come back to a mess) can wear us out.

What can you do if you failed the holiday stress test?

Instead of questioning whether your holiday is actually worth all the stress of preparing for it, you can start to explore what causes you to feel most stressed in the lead-up to a trip. Think back to your last few trips – what were the common patterns/issues?

You don’t want to be left feeling like you need a holiday to recover from the holiday (!), so once you understand what particularly causes your pre-holiday stress a few small changes might make all the difference, allowing you to truly enjoy the holiday you deserve.

Could you be adding to your own pre-holiday stress?

We can also set unrealistic expectations for ourselves prior to a vacation (this is not the time to do a complete spring clean, or wardrobe clear-out!), or even find that our travelling companion(s) have different approaches to travel preparation that might clash with ours…

Listen to this podcast to hear Chris & Sam share some strategies to make the experience easier – so that next time you take the holiday stress-test you’ll hopefully get a different result.

Here’s to stress-free travel!

Sleep Problems – Reasons and Solutions for Insomina

Sleep problemsSleep is vital to our well-being, but (a bit like our health) we tend to take it for granted when all is well, and only start to appreciate it more when problems arise.

Suffering from Insomnia?

Whether you’ve been troubled by occasional or chronic insomnia, had vivid dreams that you wake from feeling exhausted, tossed and turned all night or had an injury/illness that affected the quality of your sleep, sleep problems can affect everything from your appetite, ability to concentrate, your mood (irritability!) to your energy levels, happiness and effectiveness.

Causes of Sleep Problems

Sometimes there are obvious reasons for why we don’t sleep well:

  • We might be stressed about a particular issue, person or scenario
  • We may have had a late meal or cup of coffee
  • We could have been too hot, too cold or too ill

But a lot of the time the reasons for poor sleep are less obvious, and this is when changes to our sleep quality can signal that we need to pay attention to something. A bad night’s sleep can have a purposeful message for us!Continue reading

Get More From Your Time

Time flies when you’re having fun, but time also flies by when you’re being really unproductive!

In this podcast Paul and Chris discuss their simple strategies for maximising the use of their time, with emphasis on the process of planning. If you are looking to improve your effectiveness, get more done or simply live less stressful days, one of these tips might just be the breakthrough you are seeking.

Let us know which tip you’d like to try and any questions you’d like us to answer by leaving a comment below.


How Are You Inviting Distractions Into Your Life?

Do you find yourself getting constantly distracted?

Unable to complete tasks due to outside forces?

Chris and Gina discuss ways in which we invite distractions (often without realising it) into our lives and the impact this has personally and professionally.

Find out how you can acknowledge your distractions and take practical steps to minimise their impact.

30 Days To Eliminate Stress and Frustration

Often the biggest, most enduring stress and frustration in our lives comes from things we continue to tolerate, but not do something about. In this podcast, Sam and Chris talk about making progress by getting clear and taking action on what you don’t want in your life any longer.

Not just providing a ‘positive thinking’ theory, they guide you through a specific set of actions and provide a simple framework for you to take on a transformational 30 day challenge to eliminate a key stress or frustration from your life.

Listen to the podcast and leave a comment to let us know you’re taking the challenge and how we can help you to succeed.

Festive Stress-Buster

If you are anything like me then the experience of going shopping in the lead up to Christmas can be a pretty stressful activity. Aside from the chaos and overwhelm of so many people jostling about, or trying to find the perfect presents without breaking the budget, or organising food for the festive season – there’s also the stress of family get-togethers, dealing with adverse weather conditions and the risk of over-indulgence in food or drink or both!

But there is a simple solution…Continue reading