Love yourself

Are you the type of person that doesn’t seem to have any time to yourself? Do you also find that you never get thanks for the thing you are doing? Maybe it’s time to start giving yourself some credit. Spending some time and energy on yourself doesn’t automatically make you selfish!

Will the Myth of Selfishness Ruin Your 2009?

What do you want from 2009? What will the New Year hold for you? As you start thinking about what you want to do or have, does a sense of guilt creep in?

Whether you have a specific memory from a young age, or even just a sense of ‘learning’ that selfishness was an inherently bad thing – it seems intrinsic to our moral education as human beings; and so when it comes time to start thinking about what we want our next year to be like, there is often an accompanying sense of guilt that holds us back from being truthful with ourselves about our goals.
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