Eliminate. Don’t Accumulate

How much ‘stuff’ have you collected over the years? Are you paying hundreds a year just to leave it in storage?

Do you buy things you don’t really need – upgrading whenever a new and better version appears?

Are you in debt as a result of buying more and more ‘stuff’?

Do you feel trapped in a job you hate, just because you need the money to pay off the debt you’ve incurred by accumulating?

If you’ve answered ‘yes!’ to just a few of these questions, then you’ll appreciate this short inspiring TED talk from Adam Baker.

Be Anything But Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend hours labouring over presentations that should only take you 30 minutes? Do you often feel you can’t write that book, have that relationship or find the job you love until you are somehow better than you are? The limiting belief inside most perfectionists is a lack of self-belief and low self-esteem. A limiting belief that you are simply not good enough. Chris and Gina discuss the warning signs and what you can do to be successful – even when you’re not perfect.