Are you a believer? Or a creator?

Nikola Tesla – a creator and true genius

Most of us are convinced that until we believe we can have or manifest the object of our desire, then we ain’t never gonna get it. We’re quite sure that unless we have a positive self-image, we simply can’t have what we’d love.

Recognising that most of us have worth, trust, control, capacity, powerless and not allowed to be capable beliefs, which amplify our “it’s impossible” inner editor, it can often seem an impossibility to manifest our hearts’ desires. No wonder NLP is so popular. Any modality that helps to alter state or model behaviour gives our identities a life raft of significant proportions.

And therein lies our essential conundrum as human beings: we have completely forgotten that we have an innate ability to create – at will. Whether we think we’re a stupid dumbo or we’re God’s gift to the universe. We can create despite our beliefs about ourselves. We are co-creators here on this beautiful planet. In addition to the beliefs we’ve made up about ourselves, parents and schools have also colluded in the drama. We’re told that creating involves ‘sacrifice’, that it’s ‘terribly hard work’, that it takes gargantuan talent, and it usually depends on the largesse of some unforgiving God or unseen forces. Or even worse – we have to go into a peak state and run barefoot across hot coals. Yikes! Not true, my friend.Continue reading

How To Stop Losing Motivation Right Now!

You know the feeling, you start out on a new path to better health, being more organised or some other goal that you know is really important to you.

At the beginning you feel like you’ve thought everything through and you’re really motivated to get going. Everything seems to be going great! Your plans have paid off and your journey towards your goal couldn’t seem easier.

So… why do you begin to slip?

Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity.

You find yourself missing the odd gym session, and not being quite as organised. Whatever it is, you can feel yourself slipping back into your old ways. Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity and before you know it, weeks have passed since you did anything you initially planned so hard for.

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Fed up with trying to be someone else

Are you true to yourself or do you feel frustrated by not being able to be yourself with people?

Gina and Paul talk about how we all can find ourself in a situation where we find we just aren’t being honest with ourselves or the people around us. Maybe we started to tell little white lies at first as it just didn’t seem important, but now it’s become unbearable.

At the start of a relationship it’s all to easy to adapt yourself to fit into the image that you think your potential partner is really looking for, only to find further down the line, you end up resenting them for “making” you act in a different way.

Find out how being honest from the “get go” can really make your life and relationships a lot less troublesome in the future. Learn to be loved for who you really are.

Quick Confidence Boost

Even if you are one of the most confident people you know, chances are every so often you’ll need a quick way to give yourself a quick confidence boost. In this episode Chris and Paul cover a few tips and tricks you can use to help you get through some of life’s little challenges and give yourself a extra boost of confidence just when you need it!

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