Still Struggling With Motivation?

During a recent podcast with Gina, we talked about getting back into an exercise routine and going back to the gym. It was something that I’m very¬†familiar with, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you a quick progress update.

I’ve now been going back to the gym for 3 weeks, 4-5 times a week. I’ve discovered that if I just go to the gym 2-3 times a week my days off become too tempting for me to have “just another” day off. Always promising myself “I’ll go tomorrow!”, which of course I ended up repeating the next day, until every shred of motivation had been stripped away.

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Using Social Networking Groups

Both Gina and Paul have recently been doing the rounds in networking groups. These are local groups of people that meet up in our area to share business ideas and network. Some of the groups we tried were:-

You can also find many groups using the website That is where we have our very own ActionPodcast Meetup Group.

In today’s podcast we talk about our own experiences with these groups, what went well, and an example of how not to network!

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When You Just Can’t Remember…

Last week Paul & Sam had to skip their usual podcasting date, as Sam’s wireless connection picked that night to go on strike! Instead of totally skipping it, the time was used for a phone call to discuss the exciting idea for a topic Sam had thought of, as well as to update each other on current challenges.

This week, technology was on best-behaviour. But neither Sam nor Paul could remember the topic they’d been planning to podcast about! What happens when you just can’t remember…?!

Paul: So Sam, do you have any ideas for a topic tonight?

Sam: Um, didn’t we have one last week that we discussed and got really excited about?
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