Letting Go

We’ve hit the season of Fall or Autumn as we call it here in the UK, very much a time of change and of letting go, as reflected in nature at this time of year.

Whether it be a relationship that’s no longer working, or a job that you want to leave, now is a very natural time of year to let go.

During this podcast Gina and Paul discuss the two phases of letting go. Firstly, identifying situations where it’s appropriate to let go. Secondly managing the results of implementing the change and gaining support through what can be a very difficult time.

Finding Common Ground

During a recent training course Gina experienced a bit of an incident. Even though there was a little disagreement initialLy Gina was able to find a common ground that completely changed the dynamics of their relationship.

Finding common ground with someone can build instant rapport and allow you to connect with people and a much better level. Learning to find the common ground with someone is a skill that anyone can learn to incorporate into their daily lives.

The course Gina mentions is with http://www.darreneden.com

4 Ideas for Making 2011 an Extra Special Year

The turn of the year is an arbitrary but helpful moment in time to think about the next 365 days of your life. At ActionPodcast we certainly know that you can design and live the life you want, you can achieve more than you think you can, and have greater happiness than you did last year. But how will you make that happen? I know you’re wiser than hoping to win the national lottery, and of course, more money isn’t going to magically take care of all your problems.

It’s a simple question: Continue reading

Fed up with trying to be someone else

Are you true to yourself or do you feel frustrated by not being able to be yourself with people?

Gina and Paul talk about how we all can find ourself in a situation where we find we just aren’t being honest with ourselves or the people around us. Maybe we started to tell little white lies at first as it just didn’t seem important, but now it’s become unbearable.

At the start of a relationship it’s all to easy to adapt yourself to fit into the image that you think your potential partner is really looking for, only to find further down the line, you end up resenting them for “making” you act in a different way.

Find out how being honest from the “get go” can really make your life and relationships a lot less troublesome in the future. Learn to be loved for who you really are.