How Much Uncertainty Can YOU Cope With?

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, bizarre weather patterns or synchrodestiny, but there are many people in my life – including me – that are experiencing a high level of uncertainty right now.

Uncertainty in whether their surgery will allow them to walk normally again, uncertainty in where their next pay cheque is coming from, uncertainty on whether their role will be eliminated in the corporate reorganisation.

How much uncertainty you can handle has a dramatic impact on the quality of your days, weeks, and life. There are a few powerful distinctions that you need to make to survive times when you don’t know the outcome or Continue reading

Coping with Redundancy

If you have been laid off recently then join the ever-increasing club – it’s a fact of working life now, so I empathise. Many of us know what you’re going through right now – and it hurts. It’s happened to me twice in my career and I know only too well how painful the experience can be. And how much it can affect relationships with everyone around us, especially those closest to us who are often just as anxious as we are. And can take the brunt of it all, if we’re not careful.

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Where do you want your control?

Sometimes bad stuff happens, and whilst we may not like to think of it happening to ourselves or our loved ones, there are times when we may feel helpless in the face of something that occurs.
Feeling like a victim can sap even the most resourceful of us, and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it can be really unpleasant. We may not be able to change the event or situation, but there is one thing that we can influence – our response to it all.
It is possible to move from a sense of having lost control when something happens to us, to a position where we can feel more resourceful and better able to cope, so join Paul and Sam as we discuss how your Locus of Control affects your responses and what you can do to start shifting it in the right direction.

Are You Stuck In Your Stories?

Each of us tells stories about ourselves and our lives. We tell our stories to our friends, family, colleagues (and even strangers!), perhaps repeating them to ourselves daily… they are how we connect with others and our world, as well as how we justify or excuse things.

Are you a reader – experiencing your stories day after day, stumbling your way to the conclusion? Or are you the author – deciding how your stories flow and end, even when you can’t control their start?

Paul & Sam share deeply personal stories of their own, as they explore how story influences our lives and how we can rewrite our stories in spite of what happens to, or around, us.

Road Through Redundancy

Speaking to a friend yesterday, he was feeling pretty down because his redundancy takes effect today. The week before Christmas and BAM – no job. Just like that, after 9.5 years of service.

Now, we all know there is a lot of uncertainty, gloom & pressure in the broadcast view of the economic climate at the moment; but it is still a shock when it impacts directly on someone you know (and even more if it happens to you!)

Then after a 15 minute conversation, he was not only feeling a bit better – but he’d gone from feeling like he had no real prospects in the New Year, to having a lot to look forward to! Continue reading