Are you sabotaging your dreams?

Self-sabotage may be at play, and if it is, the chances are you might not even realise it… but you might notice the effects it has on your attempts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Can you relate to the feeling of:

  • Making things harder for yourself than they need to be?
  • Allowing yourself to be distracted by something other than your priority?
  • Punishing yourself when something isn’t perfect?
  • Taking on too much when you know you can’t fit everything in?

Sometimes sabotage can show up in a way that obviously affects our goals, and other times it can show up more subtly. Continue reading

Reward vs Punishment

It’s all too easy to fall into the habit of admonishing and punishing friends and loved ones for their irritating habits. How many times have you asked him/her to put the loo seat down, put the plates in the dish washer and not the sink and put their clothes away? It can be exhausting repeating yourself. And your pleas often fall on deaf ears!
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