The Challenges of Outsourcing & Delegating

Another great topic suggestion via Twitter, from @RizWasti on Outsourcing.

Sam and Paul explore the process of outsourcing and compare it to the general delegation of a task; both can be quite a minefield if you aren’t careful!

So, just because you have given the work to someone else to complete, doesn’t mean you are off the hook or no longer responsible. You still need to work with them to ensure the results are what you expect!

Whether you delegate chores at home, tasks at work or larger outsourcing projects/roles, join us as we explore the dangers and challenges of delegating a task, along with some tips and strategies to ensure it goes according to plan (and doesn’t backfire on you)!

Juggling Under Pressure

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To say I’ve been busy lately would be a gross understatement. I’m not going to list out everything I’ve been juggling – at least half of which has been on strict deadlines – but I’m talking about things on the level of starting a new job, doing a major college assignment, planning a 3wk trip to the other side of the world… and I’ve had about 8-9 of these things on the go for a few months now.

What’s got me through day by day has been simply putting one foot in front of the other – taking that next little step that would get me a bit closer to whatever was needed (as well as a simple ‘project plan’ that allowed me to keep track of it all). Not everything has been given equal attention, and I wouldn’t be human if some things hadn’t slipped down the priority list; but what is more interesting is what I noticed today.
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The Right Stuff!

Whether you are tackling a DIY job around the house, completing a work project, running a business or even enjoying a leisure activity, it could pay to give some thought to having the right tools for the task.

Some ‘tools’ may require an investment up front, but having the right ones could save you a lot of time, hassle and money, giving you a better quality result with greater efficiency, and may even be the difference between you loving and hating what you are doing.

Paul and Sam discuss some of their DIY learnings, and explore other areas that this insight can be applied to – from serious tasks to fun ones! Afterall, would you try writing an essay with a lipstick? 😉

If you are the owner of a small business that has grown over a few years to something greater, and would like to understand more about how the Right Tools and related concepts could ensure your business continues to grow effectively, and allow you to love what you created once more, then please contact Sam for more information.