What if your problem isn’t the problem?

It’s an inevitable part of being human: facing challenges, resolving issues, dealing with problems.

These often unpleasant and uncomfortable parts of our life can attract a lot of our attention. They can absorb a lot of our energy and take us away from other things that are more rewarding, important and fulfilling.

Perhaps recently you’ve been spending an extraordinary amount of your time on a problem.

How can you tell if it’s just a symptom you’ve been focusing on?

But what if the attention you’re giving it is misguided?

What if your energy is being wasted?

What if the solution you’re after can’t be found where you’re looking.Continue reading

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Tunnel under Plzen
Two people I know, quite independently, are going through the crappiest time right now. Both of them are under the threat of losing everything. Their homes being their main worry.

I wish I could tell them everything will be fine by the time they wake up tomorrow, but it won’t.

I wish I could ease their burden by taking away or fixing some significant part of their problems, but that’s just not possible.

I wish I knew exactly the right words to say: one magic phrase to help them through this. Sadly, I’m not magician.Continue reading


In the immortal words or Homer Simpson…. DOH! Yes, it’s a fact, we all make mistakes. Some just make you want to curl up into a small ball and hope the world just goes away. Sam and Paul talk about their experience with making the odd mistake (yes coaches make mistakes sometimes too!) and what they did to sort things out.

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