Learning from Practice

Practise makes perfect.
For some people, learning from practice might seem second nature – but the benefits of practising regularly at something go beyond the steady improvement you might expect.

The saying that “practice makes perfect” is oft quoted, particularly from hopeful parents to their children; so what does this mean and how can we adopt an everyday action approach that delivers greater-than-anticipated results?

What Do We Mean By Learning from Practice?

At ActionPodcast we know that regular, consistent action is far more effective (and sustainable) than spikes of intense activity. When we work at something little and often, we start building a set of skills that take us from a state of conscious effort towards automatic ability – the more you repeat something, the easier it becomes.

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Learning from the Best!

Whether you are wanting to try something new (and don’t know where to start, or are worried you might not be good at it) or whether you are wanting to improve on something you are already doing, there is no point reinventing the wheel if someone has already done it successfully before.

Image of Sam's Doodle Beetle

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Chris and Sam explore why learning from the best isn’t cheating, and Chris explains that there are key elements common to all successful achievement regardless of the type of activity you are wanting to excel at. Mixing in a pinch of every-day-action, and a bit of fun!

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