January Blues

January BluesAre you suffering from post holidays blues?

Getting back into the swing of things can seem such a hardship!

Have you been hit with the “sensible shovel”? ¬†ūüôā

Are you feeling regret or even resentment of things you aren’t allowed anymore,

Are you feeling the struggle of returning to using some self control?

a lot of goals or resolutions often are focused on what we can no longer have. This is going to make things a lot hard for you. By focusing on the lack, what you can’t have, you can expect a real up hill battle.

The Simple Solution

Be more motivated by focusing on what it is that you do want, or put it another way, what will you gain?

For example, instead of thinking about the weight you need to lose. Think about the¬†delicious, nutritious and fulfilling foods you can eat. Because that change in your perspective suddenly gives you something to look forward to, rather than mourning the lost of the things you can’t have.

Listen to this podcast for lots more ideas to get you make on track and enjoying whatever it is you are working towards.

10 Power Questions to move you forward

Are you looking for new direction and new inspiration this year? Instead of asking others for advice, how about asking yourself these 10 power questions. They’ll give you insights and guidance towards creating the life that you really want.

1. ¬†If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, what would you wish you’d done in your life (but haven’t).

2. Do you have a recurring vision or dream about a particular place, job, activity, people?

3. What do you feel you were put on this Earth to do?

4. What do you care deeply about?

5. Name 5 things you are really good at.

6. Ask 5 people what¬†they¬†think you’re good at.

7. If you had a week all to yourself without any responsibilities, what would you do?

8. What’s the most important decision you are facing right now? What stops you from making it?

9. If I told you that you had unlimited time and resources and that you could do anything you want in life, what would that be?

10. What are the first steps you can take towards doing the work or leading the life you’d love?

Inside your heart is a dream that may yet be unfulfilled. By focusing on what you love, rather than what you feel you should be doing will give you greater energy and insight. One easy way to start is to write non-stop for about 20 minutes, listing all the things you love doing. I did this recently and it was very revealing! Begin using your imagination to create, rather than clinging to a belief system that holds you back. Every single thing you see in the world today was created initially by someone’s imagination. As Lennon himself said: “Imagine…”