Change the Rules

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could do things but they just seem so far our of your reach they are even worth trying?

Paul and Gina talk about taking some advice from Tim Ferris to “Change the Rules”

When Paul decided he wanted to write a book so time ago, he struggled with the dread of having to start such a mammoth task from scratch. But after going to see Tim Ferris speak in London, Paul decides to change his on rules in what it takes to create a book. Looking back over the years Paul has written many blog posts and has decided to use these as a foundation for his book.

To get things going Paul is using the Scrivener app to collect all the parts of his book and turn it into something that works. You can have a look and download the program for windows or Mac’s from their website:-

Scrivener from Literature and Latte

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What have you been putting off, that you felt was simply unachievable? How could you change the rules to make it happen?

Remember your dreams!

bucketlist1It’s all too easy to cast aside those amazing dreams you had as a child. Dreams and ideas of what you’d love to achieve, where you’d love to go, the kind of work you’d love to do – when you grew up. Everything seemed exciting and full of promise back then. We were looking at the world through eyes of innocence. At least during the Seventies!

Granted, you might not actually want to be an astronaut in later life, but there are many things we park, as we get embroiled in marriages, mortgages, kids and just surviving.

In today’s podcast, Paul and Gina discuss ways in which you can re-connect to your lost and abandoned dreams. And begin manifesting them in your life today.

There’s nothing more exciting than ticking off a ‘to create’ list and realising that you have, in fact made your dreams come true. Check out the fab movie ‘Bucket List‘ for more inspiration!


If you don’t succeed at first, try a different way!


We’re funny old things, human beings. All too often we give up if something doesn’t work. Or we don’t get the success or results we’d dreamed of straight away. We often have such a ‘right way’ belief about how things should be done, we don’t stop to consider alternative ways of reaching and achieving our desired end result.

In today’s podcast, Paul and Gina share ways you can act more creatively around securing job interviews, writing CVs, even creating an attractive advert for renting out your apartment (as Gina is doing right now).

It’s called A/B Testing. It’s normally associated with online marketing. By testing two different versions of an email you can see which one get the best response. You just keep doing this A/B test to hone your email and get the best response.

But why just limit this to online marketing? You can use this for so much more!

Listen to the podcast and find out how you can test your way to success.

Enjoying the Journey

All too often we find ourselves rushing so fast to our next task or goal that we can often miss the experience of the journey.

Paul talks to Gina about her latest mission to relocate to the South of France. Although there are lots of things to think about and organise, it’s really important, at times like this, to take a moment and really recognise the journey you are on.

If you were to ask yourself, what are you enjoying right now about your journey would you be able to list 2 or 3 things?

Listen to the show and find out more


Fear of rejection: You can connect with people more confidently


Do you ever feel that you could do better when connecting with other people?

Maybe it’s making a connection with someone new, or rekindling an old relationship that’s lapsed.

Often the fear of how someone else will react to our attempts to reach out to them can hold us back. Everyone gets a little nervous to some degree or another when they need to take that first step. It’s our expectation of how we are going to be perceived that puts us off.

  • Try thinking about what you can do for them, instead of why you need them.
  • Boost them up by explaining you really what their help, because you respect them and would appreciate some direction from them.
  • It might not be the perfect moment for them, so make sure you check that up front. It will take the pressure off them telling you they are busy right now, and maybe scheduling some time with you later.
  • Try to find a common connection that you can both share and relate to. Avoid anything that is one sided.

For lots more ideas listen to the podcast.

If you have any other suggestions on how to connect with people more confidently, let us know!

13 ways to make 2013 a lucky year for you


Happy 2013!

We hope you had a deliciously indulgent (but not too indulgent) holidays and are optimistic about the year ahead.

Turning the calendar to 2013 got us thinking about the number 13.

It can be a frightful number for some so we thought we take a different point of view and in this podcast Paul and Chris give your 13 ideas to create, attract and manufacture greater “luck” in the upcoming 12 months.

These ideas may surprise you and at the least, we hope they inspire you to keep taking action and regular steps towards living the life you’ve dreamed of.

It’s also a good reminder that ordinary things done consistently creates extraordinary results.

So here’s to an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ and very rewarding new year ahead.

Leave us a comment and let us know which of the 13 ideas you will put into action first…

An Alternative Approach to New Year Resolutions

There are dozens of ways to kick start a new year with greater focus, purpose and enthusiasm for the year ahead. Guru_Mindmap

Spending time to reprioritise, set goals or new year resolutions, plan experiences can – and should – be very liberating and energising. However, our experience shows that the BEST way to make sure your plans become reality, is to aim to build momentum quickly. To kick start in January with consistent action, no matter how small.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris discuss specific ideas and tools to not only allow you to start the year running but also to open up your mind, and get in the right mindset for thinking creatively, clearly and purposefully.

The holiday time is the perfect time to carve out quiet time for some honestly reflection on your previous year and step back from the day-to-day grind, to reboot your inner computer and allow yourself to dream again.

Here are a few tools to get you started…





Bah Humbug vs the Joy of Christmas!

A festive memoryHave you been feeling a bit “bah humbug!” about Christmas or the festive season?

For many people this has become a dreaded time of year. Increasingly the spirit of the season has been taken over by commercialism and competition, but there could be other more personal reasons why this time of year drags you down.

And whilst it might feel like there is comfort to be had in rejecting all things jolly, it is almost impossible to avoid it entirely – so it might be worth reframing the situation (for your own health & wellbeing at least!)

Bah Humbug vs Joy of Christmas

Whether you’ve struggled through the holiday season for the last few years or the last few decades, it is worth exploring how you feel about it.

Paul & Sam reflect on the causes of their own BAH HUMBUG feelings, and discuss how we can choose to reclaim the joy of Christmas or the festive season and the meaning it perhaps once held for us.

Loss, grief, conflict, distance, financial worries and a whole host of other things can impact on the pressure of this time of year, and whilst we often can’t change those circumstances – we can choose whether we let them mute (or spoil) our attitudes and how we feel about a time that is much more suited to gratitude, love & joy.

We wish you a happy & healthy festive season, wherever you are!

Echoes of The Past – Ongoing Effects of Bullying

You might not realise it, but the ongoing effects of bullying or a painful experience could be influencing how you behave today even if the situation was long-since resolved, or happened decades ago.

Because when we react to something in the present, the strength of our reaction can be influenced by something that happened to us previously – like echoes of the past.

This podcast was inspired by Tamworth Grice, who left us a wonderful voicemail describing a recent experience where she was able to uncover what was driving the emotional intensity behind her response to a situation – the ongoing effects of childhood bullying – and diffuse it!

We’ve all had experiences of hurt & difficulty: whether it was a childhood experience, an embarrassing situation, being bullied or some other painful moment. Particularly (but not exclusively) when they happen early on in our lives, these distressing events can have an ongoing impact on us that we may not be aware of. Echoes of the past can shape our beliefs, influence our decisions & add to the level of emotion we feel when we have a new experience that is somehow similar or unconsciously triggers our unresolved feelings about a previous hurt.

When we start to become aware that our reactions are out of proportion to the particular situation we’re facing, or when we are confused about how we are feeling/reacting, we can start to explore what might be behind the emotional intensity in order to understand it, reduce the impact it has on us and be able to move on.

Join Paul & Sam as they discuss some of the ways in which they have reframed some of their painful past experiences, including the 5 Whys of Exploration that worked so well for Tamworth!


Bullying is a serious and widespread problem that can occur in any context in which human beings interact with each other. If you are experiencing bullying of any form, there are many organisations available for support – including Bullying UK and Stop Bullying (US).

5 Simple Steps for a Personal Year in Review

If your year didn’t turn out as well as you hoped it would, it’s time for honest reflection and make time for your personal “year in review”.

At this time of year many people end up disappointed and perhaps disillusioned as to where it went wrong.

But rather than looking back with regret you owe it to yourself to look back with curiousity to actively seek the lessons that you can take into your next 12 months.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris give practical steps to make sure you review with the right attitude, mindset and desire to learn, and outline these 5 perspectives to investigate from.


Whether you set specific goals at the start of the year or not, the quality of your actions are constantly influenced by the amount of clarity you current have on how to achieve what you want. On reflection, we often discover that we weren’t nearly as clear as we thought we were – or needed to be – in order to get what we hoped for.


To what extent did you have the certainty and confidence to take the steps that were needed to achieve your outcomes, or to overcome the barriers in your way? Listen to Paul and Chris discuss the factors that shape your confidence as it relates to Continue reading