In Hindsight & With Hindsight: new YouTube Video

If we consider a past experience with the wisdom we currently have, it gives us the opportunity to reframe it – in hindsight and with hindsight.

Looking at things in hindsight doesn’t just have to be about slapping our own wrists for things gone wrong.

This amazing function of our brain allows us to transform a long-ago embarrassing situation into a funny reminiscence. A fear-filled time into evidence of how brave we can be even when we don’t feel like it. Or a difficult time of challenge into an inspirational story to share or a character-defining experience. Our perspective gives us the ability to choose a new way of viewing these memories.

Join Sam in this short YouTube video as she shares why looking at things in hindsight can be a powerful tool for the future, as well as the past.

For more on Hindsight, including a personal example, check out this earlier blog post.

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Brendon Burchard’s Three Questions For Lifelong Perspective

In ever loving memory ofLife is short. And at the end of the day, (as Brendon Burchard beautifully tells us) only three questions bear asking:

“Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?”

Yesterday I attended the funeral of a friend, and as the crematorium overflowed – there must have been about 40 or 50 of us standing after all the seats were taken – I am sure his answers to these questions were etched in our tears and our hearts.

At only 42, and leaving behind a beloved wife and gorgeous 5 year old daughter, Lindz left the world far too soon. He had definitely lived, as was reflected in all the humorous stories we shared about him at the wake; he had definitely loved, and been loved by many; and he mattered – as evidenced by so many of us (and many more who couldn’t make it) who had wanted to be there to celebrate his life and say our goodbyes to this unique character.

It has really reminded me that we never know when our number is up. We might be given a lot of notice, or we might be given none at all.

Lindz had a few short months: he stayed courageous, kept his good humour and was as true to himself as he could be during those last days.

I wonder if we can all say the same thing about our own lives?

What we think we want from life is subject to change. It can evolve slowly, shift dramatically or burn brightly in our heart and minds.

But these three questions can offer us a more enduring measure for how we are living our lives.Continue reading

In Hindsight: The Benefits of Looking Back

Hindsight - 2883 via Flickr By Tim J KeeganHindsight is a function of the mind that analyses and re-assesses past experiences, re-evaluating decisions and actions in the light of present knowledge – and we often talk about something being obvious in hindsight.

Have you ever thought “I should have known better!” or “That really wasn’t the best decision I’ve made…” or “How could I have thought that was a good idea at the time?!”?

When employed as a mild slap on the wrist from our more knowledgeable selves, it can be somewhat amusing (or frustrating!) to look back at experiences we can’t change but can now see in this different light. But given how strongly our perceptions and beliefs influence our memories, there could be much more benefit from looking back in hindsight to particular moments of our past.

The Benefits of Looking Back In Hindsight

If we consider a past experience with the wisdom we currently have, it gives us the opportunity to reframe the situation, and even alter the meaning it has held for us.Continue reading

Resistance to Change – Why it’s good and how to use it

If you change the way you look at things... Most people see resistance to change as a problem to be fixed or an obstacle to be overcome…

But what if resistance to change was useful instead of a hindrance,  positive instead of negative, a gift rather than a curse?

It would certainly take a bit of perspective shifting, but when we can see our resistance as a helpful tool or message, it opens up a whole new range of options and ways forward.


People will resist change when they perceive it as a threat.

In traditional change management, and within organisations, many of these perceived threats can be quite obvious or easily identified. However, when you are dealing with self growth, personal development or more intimate challenges, the threats and fears can be very subtle, hidden or even counter-intuitive.Continue reading

Before you can move on, you must be happy with where you are now

Here at ActionPodcast, we focus a lot on moving forward and setting goals. During this episode we spend some time talking about how you can make sure that you progress from a happy starting place.

Learning to recognise your successes so far can really help change your perspective on your current situation. By acknowledging the good things that you have achieved recently will make a dramatic difference because moving forward from a great place is far easier than trying to escape a negative rut that you may believe you are in.


A Simple Technique to Eliminate Your Excuses

When we get really honest with ourselves, we realise that many of the ‘reasons’ why we haven’t done something, or don’t do what is necessary, are actually ‘excuses’ that we buy into more than we should. In this podcast, Sam and Chris provide a simple yet powerful technique to say goodbye to the barriers we create and hello to empowering action.

Put this technique into practice immediately and you’ll find your barriers are no longer as high or as strong, and taking action becomes a whole lot easier.

We’d love to hear how this works for you and if you have alternative versions that other ActionPodcast listeners would benefit from as well. Leave a comment on this podcast!

Teething Pains

Trying to do something new for the first time can be daunting, and even once you get started it can still feel downright difficult. Whether it is trying to turn your hand to a new skill at work, put a new habit in place or do what’s needed to adjust to change, it can be painful regardless of whether it is something you want to do or not.

Have you recently started something new, or been hesitating from taking the plunge?

Paul & Sam explore different ways of dealing with the teething pains of trying a new challenge, and how you can let them be helpful rather than harmful. Take your pick of perspective shifts to either motivate, strengthen or sign-post you along the way!

How Much Uncertainty Can YOU Cope With?

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, bizarre weather patterns or synchrodestiny, but there are many people in my life – including me – that are experiencing a high level of uncertainty right now.

Uncertainty in whether their surgery will allow them to walk normally again, uncertainty in where their next pay cheque is coming from, uncertainty on whether their role will be eliminated in the corporate reorganisation.

How much uncertainty you can handle has a dramatic impact on the quality of your days, weeks, and life. There are a few powerful distinctions that you need to make to survive times when you don’t know the outcome or Continue reading

When the Going Gets Tough, Where Do You Get Going?

In the past three weeks, I have seen a lot of airports. Nine to be precise. Which means I found myself wandering through the arrivals or departures area on 18 different occasions, to fly in and out of the country. That leaves a lot of time to browse the book shops where the business and self-help sections usually get all my attention. My obsessive curiosity to learn from great thinkers and doers continually fuels my mind and deepens my insights on how to master our potential.

It’s no surprise that a common theme amongst books today is ‘Leadership in Tough Times’.  It’s an interesting topic, and one that applies to the business world as much as it does to our own personal lives.

How do you respond in tough times, when life presents a ‘major problem’? Continue reading

Practice Active Listening

Have you ever noticed that moment when the person you’re speaking to suddenly seems to mentally drift away, their eyes glaze over and you know they’re not listening to you any more? Do you do that to others?

In this podcast, Sam and Chris discuss three levels of listening and offer practical tips to ensure you not only listen well but remain engaged and interested in your conversations.

This topic was inspired by the recent request from a listener, and our answering podcast – The Dance of a Social Butterfly.
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