Dangers of Perfectionism

Tempus fugit! Perfectionist[1]Or as most of us say now, time flies! And it really is flying by… March already. Christmas seems a lifetime away and we will soon be in Spring.

This has to be the fastest flying year EVER! And I know it’s got nothing to do with me being 1. busier 2. older – time really is speeding up. Or at least my perception of time is changing. And I’m not the only one – children I know have also told me their school holidays seem to be coming round faster, while friends of more advanced ages are also bemoaning the fact that we’re on a speed-up.

Talking of speed, I read last night that the earth is actually hurtling around the Sun at the mind-boggling speed of 18.5 miles per second. Now that’s what I call fast!  Continue reading

Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Damsel in Distress - Asking for Help
Are you a bit of a lone ranger? Somewhat averse to asking for help – even when you know it makes sense? Paul and Gina look at reasons why many of us choose to ‘go it alone’, and discuss the benefits of reaching out to others.

It’s amazing how often people struggle on their own for too long rather than asking for help. A whole host of emotions, from feeling like a failure to not wanting to bother people, seem to stop us in our tracks from admitting we can’t do it all alone – and need a helping hand – or just some advice.

During this podcast Gina and Paul talk through why we often struggle to ask for help and how to:-

  • Acknowledge that we need help
  • Be clear on the help that we are asking for
  • Using different words to ask for help

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Perfect in our imperfections

As someone who has suffered through the effects of perfectionism most of my life, it was really liberating to write out a mantra recently that epitomises a more nurturing (and effective) alternative:

“This is pretty good; I think I’ll keep going.”

This one came from [amazon ASIN=”0330343580″]The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron[/amazon], and is one of many affirmations, techniques and perspectives that have helped me loosen the grip of perfectionism that had stopped me achieving much, let alone my best.

I know the other ActionCoaches have also struggled with the need to be perfect from time to time, so here is a collection of some of our top insights into how to live a more effective and fulfilled lifeContinue reading

Be Anything But Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend hours labouring over presentations that should only take you 30 minutes? Do you often feel you can’t write that book, have that relationship or find the job you love until you are somehow better than you are? The limiting belief inside most perfectionists is a lack of self-belief and low self-esteem. A limiting belief that you are simply not good enough. Chris and Gina discuss the warning signs and what you can do to be successful – even when you’re not perfect.


It’s got to be perfect! Or does it? Do you suffer from Perfectionism Paralysis? Sam and Paul talk about how to deal with wanting everything to be perfect and yet end up not doing anything at all.