Motivate an Ironman Spectator to become an Ironman Contestant

Recorded in early December, Chris shares with Gina his own challenges and how he was able to motivate himself from being an Ironman triathlon spectator to becoming an Ironman contestant in only a few years.

Major congratulations to our very own ActionPodcast Ironman Chris!

He’s been able to motivate himself to take part in Ironman Cozumel and came in with an incredible time of 13 hours. An amazing achievement. You might not want to do a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride followed by a 42.2km run (phew!) but there is probably one goal in your life you’d like to create.

Any creation outside of your comfort zone requires a few key principles of discipline, courage, persistence and perhaps an extra special meaning that gives you a deeper level of determination. Whether that’s to go after your dream job, your ideal partner or even an Ironman triathlon.

Listen to Chris and Gina discuss “the difference that makes all the difference”.


Is Happiness contagious?

What if performing a small act of kindness or compassion could make us feel happy?

What if that kindness made someone else happy too?

And what if that happiness was contagious – so that one small act of kindness could spread happiness not just to 2 people, but to the friends of friends of both those people? How cool would that be?!

Research shows that happiness IS contagious. It is also a skill that can be learnt, and is not set in stone by genetics or upbringing.Continue reading

8 questions you must ask at the end of each year

It’s that time of year where I can’t help but start looking forward to the next calendar year. So many hopes and dreams, and a chance to begin anew. A time to reignite my passion and recalibrate my direction. And where do I always start? By looking backwards.

Of all the self-growth practices, perhaps none is more vital than taking the best lessons from the past and using them to design your future.

So as we come of the end of yet another year, here are eight simple yet extremely powerful questions to ensure you capture the most empowering learning from the past year and use those insights and discoveries to propel you into an even more rewarding 2011.

But first, a word of caution and suggestion: Continue reading

Stretch, Stumble… and Succeed!

The month of November has seen me embark on a challenge of great passion, purpose and perspective – unlike anything I’ve ever committed myself to before.

It was always going to be a wild challenge, and early on it grew a tail as well as threatening teeth & claws! But it has taken all my resources as a coach and a life-long learner to stick with it. The challenge is to write 30,000 words in 30 days – which is quite a stretch from the only other piece of lengthy writing I’ve done (6,000 words over a few months). I started with one month of research, followed by one month of planning, and yet November has still felt under-prepared.Continue reading