Take action! Go With The Flow…

go-with-the-flowSounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? We’ve been taught to believe that ‘going with the flow’ means inaction and passivity. Lying back and letting life happen to us, without any sense of direction or will involved. Old hippy dippy stuff.

But the true meaning of the phrase is the exact opposite. When we negotiate a river and go with the flow, we harness the energy that’s already available to us, in the currents. And we combine it with our own. Fighting the current is pointless, as is inaction. To truly go with the flow in life is to notice patterns, energy and circumstances around us – whether they be challenging or easy – and make full use of them. As a result we’ll get to wherever we are going far faster than if we resist.

Going with the flow doesn’t mean we have no idea where we are going. We do. But we remain open to the myriad ways of actually reaching our destination. There is no ‘right way’. Yet for so many of us (me included) our control beliefs all too often dictate the show. We decide on a course of action and come hell or high water we’re gonna stick with it. We have our GPS all worked out and can’t possibly deviate! Our beliefs tell us that unless we are ‘in charge’ we will lose our way, or lose ourselves.

The result of this rigidity? Staying in relationships way past their sell-by date (ouch – done that), jobs that are unfulfilling and drain our life force (tick), and in friendships that no longer serve us (been there too). We rigidly remain tied to plans that simply aren’t working and refuse to budge. Painful.

Recently, I had a plan to move to the south of France, and headed there. But after only a few weeks I realised that this was not the right place for me. I needed to let go of certain constructs and ideas I’d had and allow myself to be guided by my intuition. It didn’t actually bother me that I’d told everyone I was moving there (again) and instead I headed south for Spain and spent a blissful time on the coast at my friend’s wedding. A totally unexpected change of events that was even more wonderful as I got to see a dear friend from New York I hadn’t seen since 2009.

By letting go of my Grand Design, I was able to create space for other, better and more fulfilling opportunities to come into my life. It’s scary stepping into the unknown as it so often feels like a void. But this void is actually pregnant with potential. Trusting that there is a higher force guiding us – if we will only allow it – takes practice and self-awareness. But the more we do it, the more trust we will have in it. And the richer and more fulfilling our lives will be as a result.

This week, take a look and feel into areas of your life where you know you are holding on. Maybe take a different route to work, shake it up a little. Or go for a walk with no destination in mind and simply allow yourself to be guided. Practice going with the flow in your life and you’ll be amazed at the results.






Time Is Flying By…Time to Take BOLD Steps

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Are you amazed at how quickly time seems to be passing? Worried that December will be here again and you won’t have taken action towards making those longed-for changes in your life? Perhaps it’s time to ditch the baby steps and push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Chris and Gina discuss ways you can begin to take big, bold steps – and calculated risks – towards creating the life you’d love. If you wanted to increase your happiness quotient by 10x – what could you do TODAY to get the ball rolling?

Wake up Call: How to Reward Yourself the Right Way

Buffet Open All You Can Eat

I’m sure most people will agree that there’s no better way to boost motivation than rewards. Each time you achieve something big, reach a goal, or move forward with a task, a little pat on the back in the form of rewards will go a long way.

However, are the so-called rewards we give ourselves healthy or helpful?

Personal goals can range from losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthy, to completing a project or getting a big promotion. To achieve your goal requires going out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself to your limits, and taking risks. And there will be times when you’ll hit a blank wall, but there will also be times when you achieve certain milestones.

When you do achieve that milestone, the best way to celebrate and reinforce the positive behaviour is to reward yourself. Indulging in little rewards is a good reminder to not quit and keep moving forward.

You should watch and make sure that the rewards you give yourself don’t backfire on you. If your big goal is to lose weight, then don’t reward yourself with an eat-all-you-can buffet! The reward is that you lost weight, not the possibility of over eating again. Instead, reward yourself with smaller, better fitting clothes or perhaps a new gym outfit!

If you’re working to save money or get out of debt, then don’t celebrate your hard work by spending money to reward yourself. Buying something new or indulging in a shopping spree won’t help with your long term goals, in fact; it may cause you to relapse to your old spending habits! It may be a better idea if you use the money you’ve saved up to open a new investment account or simply put the money in a rainy-day piggy bank.

Be careful that your motivation doesn’t slide you backwards and away from your goal.

It happens to everyone. We get over-zealous with our achievements and want to celebrate immediately. It’s absolutely fine to give yourself a reward, but make sure you do it the right way. Here’s how:

  • Save the rewards for those big wins and milestones. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging every little success you make and feeling motivated about it. But there’s a big difference between acknowledging success and actually rewarding them financially. Watch out that you don’t mix these terms.

  • Motivation doesn’t always have to come in material things. Think of rewards that will relax you, inspire you, and soothe your inner spirit. Be creative about it; time alone with a good book can be as good as a new gadget and it won’t cost a dime. Try giving yourself time off from work to walk your dog or take your kids out to the park.

  • Okay, if you really want to reward yourself materially by buying something, then make sure you put a ceiling on your spending limit. Don’t blow the money you saved for so long with just a single purchase to reward yourself. Celebrate getting out of debt, but try not to get yourself back in debt while you’re at it.

  • Don’t cheat by rewarding yourself anytime you feel like it. Only reward yourself when you truly deserve it, this makes the moment extra special. Don’t grab a hearty meal every time you feel like you need the motivation to keep losing weight because you never will reach your goal that way! Save the celebration when you know you truly deserve it.

  • When thinking of the best reward always choose time over food. The last thing you want is to find yourself regularly splurging on food just to reward yourself for hard work. You might soon find yourself looking for the slightest reason to splurge on food. Choose time—give yourself more time with a book, more time with friends, and family.

Have you ever given yourself a nonsensical reward just for the fun of it? Share your experiences below.


Feal The Fear And Do It Anyway

Set your Self free! (photo: deepintoscripture.com)

As many of you know, what you focus on you attract. If you focus on lack, you’ll attract lack. If you focus on abundance, you’ll attract abundance. Simples.

But it’s not a case of just wishing that sexy Mercedes convertible will land in your driveway… that’s where movies like The Secret misled people. You have to take definite and consistent action to create what you’d love. Just wishing for your heart’s desire to materialise will NOT make it flesh and bone 3D for you. There’s a little more to the creative process! Continue reading

Creating Momentum- The Fuel to Motivation


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In the goal setting process, the key to accomplishing things is to know how to create momentum. Creating momentum is essentially taking that first step that will begin a series of actions, which will help you to work on your goals continuously despite any challenges and roadblocks you might encounter. You may have come to realise by now that the hardest part of getting something done is actually taking the first step, but like all things, you accomplish your goals by taking it step by step.

Why do You Need to be Motivated?

Having enough motivation is important for creating momentum, because if you don’t want to accomplish something enough, then you probably won’t be willing to exert sufficient effort to accomplish it. Motivation is an emotion, which encourages you to act, thus pushing you forward despite your hesitations and excuses. This momentum will lead you to continue working harder. So what happens when you aren’t motivated? It’s going to be tough for you to accomplish things, and all your efforts in goal setting might go to waste if you don’t find the energy to get going.

How to Create Momentum

Creating momentum is done by taking things gradually. The first step is to create a clear vision of the outcome you are after. Begin with the end in mind, because you can easily lose track of your goals if you don’t. When you have determined your end goal and made a plan to accomplish it, you need to muster enough courage to take action right away. Success grows on success, so start with a small goal that you can easily accomplish in a few days. As soon as you get started, your momentum kicks in and you will notice that things will begin to flow. Taking the first step is the hardest part but once you make the first move, the following steps are easier to follow.

Once you’ve created momentum for one plan, it doesn’t mean that momentum will last forever for all your other goals. It’s normal for you to have down times, and when this happens, the key is to know how to start the momentum building process all over again. You need to concentrate on becoming good at starting and restarting,

Tips for Creating Momentum

There are a number of things that can stop your momentum. Here are some tips that can help you restart again during your goal setting process. Remember, it is all about pushing yourself to accomplish the first step. After that, everything else follows, as long as you remember your goals.

  • Determine if you have strong enough reasons to proceed with a particular goal.
  • Do you have motivation to complete this goal? You have to really want your desired end result, because if you don’t have the drive you simply won’t achieve it. It just means that it’s not a worthy goal.
  • Discover what drives   is it a challenge, a competition, or perhaps a realisation that you’re not getting any younger?
  • Learn how to act upon your goals, even when you aren’t in the mood. Promise to work on something for just 20 minutes, you’ll be amazing how easy it becomes to take action.
  • Create a back-up plan that will prevent you from giving lousy excuses when you’re not in the mood to work on your goals. For instance, what should you do if you’re too tired to spend time with your family? Is reading your child a bedtime for only 10 minutes really enough? What about a quick dinner with your partner?

Keep in mind that it isn’t easy to juggle loads of goals at once. If you have too many goals, you may end up not accomplishing any of them, which is why you have to take things step by step. Focus on the top 3 goals that you want to prioritise, and then pick the most important one for you. At the same time, only work on ONE goal a time and don’t move on to the next until you’ve made progress on the first.


Summer Book Series #9: How To Measure Your Life, Find Happiness In Your Career

Clayton Christensen's book - How Will You Measure Your Life?How do you measure your life? And how can you be sure you’ll find happiness in your career?

The definition of a career (as a job for life) has well and truly changed over the last decade or so. Sometimes 7 years on one track can feel like a lifetime!

We are now faced with an abundance of choice for the directions we can take. And for a while now we’ve started realising (and research has proven) that financial or positional success in our careers doesn’t necessarily makes us happy. As we evolve, what we want and what makes us happy in our career can change too.

How to measure your life & find happiness in your career?

To understand happiness, we first need to understand what makes us tick as individuals. What motivates us?

In this podcast Chris & Sam discuss the fundamental motivators in our work – including those ‘baseline’ factors that are necessary and those that really enhance our motivation and sense of fulfillment in our careers – and then outline some poignant questions you can ask yourself as you take a moment to reflect on where you are at and how you can measure the happiness you find in your current role.

Whether you’re considering taking a leap of faith into a new role, company or career, or whether you’re only just starting to evaluate how happy you currently are – Clayton Christensen’s book – [amazon ASIN=”0007449151″]How Will You Measure Your Life?[/amazon] – will help inspire you to ask some of the questions that really matter, and find meaningful clarity in your life and career.

How do you measure your life? Have you found happiness in your career? We’d love to hear how these questions have inspired you, or whether you have different ways of evaluating your happiness in your life and work.

Summer Book Series #4: The Charge

According to #1 New York Times best selling author Brendon Burchard, it’s time to re-evaluate the fundamental drivers of human motivation.

Brendon Burchard The ChargeIn a world where most of our basic needs of shelter, food, security and connection are readily met, we are now overwhelmed with an abundance of choice. To the untrained eye, a wealth of choice seems like a helpful gift, yet the reality is that too much choice usually leads to too little action.

In his book, [amazon ASIN=”1451667531″]The Charge[/amazon], Brendon Burchard outlines how to activate the 10 human drives that make us feel alive. He inspires us to re-evaluate our approach to day to day living and to reignite the energy within us to live more, give more and become more.

In this podcast, Chris and Paul explore Brendon’s ideas and encourage you to take action to light your spark again.

Summer Book Series #3: The Book of (even more) AWESOME

Awesome Cloud By Zeptonn via FlickrOften it’s the little things in life that really light us up, bring a smile to our faces or warm our hearts if we catch them – but when they pass by unnoticed we miss that little bit of awesomeness that could have brightened our day.

Simply giving ourselves the chance (and permission) to enjoy a bit of this magic in our daily lives is a great gift to give ourselves and those around us, and some of the many ways we can do this are explored in Neil Pasricha’s [amazon ASIN=”1742700497″]The Book of (even more) AWESOME[/amazon]!

Noticing Awesome Things?

In fact, via his hugely popular blog, Neil shares 1000 awesome things that can help inspire you to notice more of the naturally occurring awesomeness already surrounding you.

Join Chris & Sam as they explore some of the ways we can find inspiration, motivation and get into the habit of appreciating the awesome people, moments and occurrences in our daily lives.

We’d love to hear about which of the Top 1,000 Things resonates with you, or what your favourite pieces of awesome are – please leave a comment below or share your little bit of awesome on facebook with us here.

A Question of Morbid Motivation?

Inspired by a topic suggestion from one of our favourite listeners, comes a moment of morbid curiosity…

If you died tomorrow – what would people say about you, and your life? What would you want them to say?

Instead of waiting until it is arguably too late and face the top 5 common regrets (see the article below), contemplating the question of our own mortality can actually be very motivating.

Sam & Gina discuss how their own experiences have helped shape their lives and their actions, and take a light-hearted look at the fact that we don’t ever know when our ‘time’ will come. What would you be inspired to do if you realised you’d regret never having done it?

Click here to see the topic suggestion Rob shared on Facebook, and the article that inspired it.

The Forgotten Purpose of Goals and New Year Resolutions

Why do people set goals?

What is the point of making new year’s resolutions, intentions, or ambitions for you?

Are they to achieve something important? To acquire new accolades? Or simply to gain material things that add to the joy of life?

As an avid goal setter for 10 years now (…in fact, the date of my first entry in the notebook where I write my goals is January 2, 2002. Exactly ten years ago), I’ve set my share of grand ambitions and planned for smaller pleasures.

I’ve covered the range from traveling to far away places, experiencing some of the world’s most fascinating events, and learning new skills to advance my career, health, finances and relationships.

When I look back on my list, there is a strong theme of ‘accomplishment’. I wanted to accomplish things and experience stuff and by-and-large, I did just that.

Yet along my journey my perspective has changed.Continue reading

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