Using Social Networking Groups

Both Gina and Paul have recently been doing the rounds in networking groups. These are local groups of people that meet up in our area to share business ideas and network. Some of the groups we tried were:-

You can also find many groups using the website That is where we have our very own ActionPodcast Meetup Group.

In today’s podcast we talk about our own experiences with these groups, what went well, and an example of how not to network!

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We have just celebrated our first birthday here at In the last year we have produced 60 shows and have been downloaded almost 15,000 times! So part of that celebration we are organising  a meetup up for local listeners in London UK and anyone that is interested in personal development/growth.

Make new friends, meet with like minded people and enjoy an evenings discussion on a specially selected personal development topic.

You can find out more information and reserve your place by logging on to

Places are limited! So make sure you snap one up as the event is already filling up!

I really hope to see you there!


PS. Why not bring along a friend as well? But make sure they also sign up at before it’s too late.