Perfect in our imperfections

As someone who has suffered through the effects of perfectionism most of my life, it was really liberating to write out a mantra recently that epitomises a more nurturing (and effective) alternative:

“This is pretty good; I think I’ll keep going.”

This one came from [amazon ASIN=”0330343580″]The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron[/amazon], and is one of many affirmations, techniques and perspectives that have helped me loosen the grip of perfectionism that had stopped me achieving much, let alone my best.

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The Absolute Beliefs

“I’d never believe something without questioning it first!” … Really? … Never?

When we hold a belief that is so absolute there is no escaping it, this has real consequences for who we are, how we behave and how we react to situations or people. Yet we don’t always realise we are being so totalitarian.

Even if we catch ourselves uttering definitive sentences, we might wonder why it matters – “So what if I think all women love shopping?” or “So what if I believe relationships always end badly?” or “I’ve never been any good at maths, why should I care now?”

Rather than suggest it is absolutely necessary, Paul and Sam simply suggest it might be worth exploring a belief you have that seems inflexible… join them as they share some tips for how to identify an absolute belief, and then some ways to gently challenge this – from the ridiculous to the more scientific!

You might also want to ponder: What would it mean to you if it wasn’t always true?

Many thanks to Rob for the topic suggestion that sent us down a rabbit hole, where we discovered Pandora’s Box!

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Be Anything But Perfect

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend hours labouring over presentations that should only take you 30 minutes? Do you often feel you can’t write that book, have that relationship or find the job you love until you are somehow better than you are? The limiting belief inside most perfectionists is a lack of self-belief and low self-esteem. A limiting belief that you are simply not good enough. Chris and Gina discuss the warning signs and what you can do to be successful – even when you’re not perfect.