In Hindsight: The Benefits of Looking Back

Hindsight - 2883 via Flickr By Tim J KeeganHindsight is a function of the mind that analyses and re-assesses past experiences, re-evaluating decisions and actions in the light of present knowledge – and we often talk about something being obvious in hindsight.

Have you ever thought “I should have known better!” or “That really wasn’t the best decision I’ve made…” or “How could I have thought that was a good idea at the time?!”?

When employed as a mild slap on the wrist from our more knowledgeable selves, it can be somewhat amusing (or frustrating!) to look back at experiences we can’t change but can now see in this different light. But given how strongly our perceptions and beliefs influence our memories, there could be much more benefit from looking back in hindsight to particular moments of our past.

The Benefits of Looking Back In Hindsight

If we consider a past experience with the wisdom we currently have, it gives us the opportunity to reframe the situation, and even alter the meaning it has held for us.Continue reading

Learning from Practice

Practise makes perfect.
For some people, learning from practice might seem second nature – but the benefits of practising regularly at something go beyond the steady improvement you might expect.

The saying that “practice makes perfect” is oft quoted, particularly from hopeful parents to their children; so what does this mean and how can we adopt an everyday action approach that delivers greater-than-anticipated results?

What Do We Mean By Learning from Practice?

At ActionPodcast we know that regular, consistent action is far more effective (and sustainable) than spikes of intense activity. When we work at something little and often, we start building a set of skills that take us from a state of conscious effort towards automatic ability – the more you repeat something, the easier it becomes.

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Before you can move on, you must be happy with where you are now

Here at ActionPodcast, we focus a lot on moving forward and setting goals. During this episode we spend some time talking about how you can make sure that you progress from a happy starting place.

Learning to recognise your successes so far can really help change your perspective on your current situation. By acknowledging the good things that you have achieved recently will make a dramatic difference because moving forward from a great place is far easier than trying to escape a negative rut that you may believe you are in.


Finding Common Ground

During a recent training course Gina experienced a bit of an incident. Even though there was a little disagreement initialLy Gina was able to find a common ground that completely changed the dynamics of their relationship.

Finding common ground with someone can build instant rapport and allow you to connect with people and a much better level. Learning to find the common ground with someone is a skill that anyone can learn to incorporate into their daily lives.

The course Gina mentions is with

Make A Wish List

During a recent podcast, I spoke briefly about a Wish List I’d made at the age of 11.

I found it the other week while sorting out old boxes of memories and paperwork. Finding it really touched my heart: the hopes and dreams of a young girl with an incredible imagination. What amazed me even more is that only a few of the 10 items on my list remain to be ‘done’!
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Unconsciously incompetent!

The 3rd episode in their impromptu series on life’s ups and downs, follows the progress of Sam & Paul’s journeys through boiling point (1st) and swinging between extremes (2nd).

Ignorance is not bliss. In fact, it tends to make life hell.
As we learn, we are likely to move through 4 stages of competence – rarely jumping from Unconscious Incompetence (ignorance!) directly to Unconscious Competence (mastery!). Along the way, we pass through Conscious Incompetence (aware but struggling), and hopefully into Conscious Competence (aware and succeeding).

Join Paul and Sam as they explore how their actions (no matter how imperfect/perfect, small/large) move them through the challenge of overwhelm and unresourcefulness, and into more aware states of learning, choice and empowerment; where things aren’t all rosy but are a darn sight less ugly!

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