Creating your own Boilerplate for life

Recently I joined a local business networking group. It’s a good way to get to know other local businesses and exchange a few referrals. It’s also a really good support group for developing your own business strategy. One of the things we all do at this group is give a 60 second review of our business. Some people call this an elevator speech. Previously I would normally make up my 60 seconds on the fly, as I’m quite happy to ad lib and sometimes the pressure results in a few amusing points that wouldn’t have come out in a totally prepared speech.

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I’m Late!

Do you find yourself always being late for events? Are you the type of person that puts your watch or alarm clock 5 minutes fast to “fool” yourself in thinking you have more time?

Chris and Paul work though some of the tricks people use to make them think they have more time than they really do, and how to ultimately stop being late for everything!

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