Letting Go

We’ve hit the season of Fall or Autumn as we call it here in the UK, very much a time of change and of letting go, as reflected in nature at this time of year.

Whether it be a relationship that’s no longer working, or a job that you want to leave, now is a very natural time of year to let go.

During this podcast Gina and Paul discuss the two phases of letting go. Firstly, identifying situations where it’s appropriate to let go. Secondly managing the results of implementing the change and gaining support through what can be a very difficult time.

Coping with Redundancy

If you have been laid off recently then join the ever-increasing club – it’s a fact of working life now, so I empathise. Many of us know what you’re going through right now – and it hurts. It’s happened to me twice in my career and I know only too well how painful the experience can be. And how much it can affect relationships with everyone around us, especially those closest to us who are often just as anxious as we are. And can take the brunt of it all, if we’re not careful.

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Gina’s full blog post can be found at www.ginabaksa.com

Road Through Redundancy

Speaking to a friend yesterday, he was feeling pretty down because his redundancy takes effect today. The week before Christmas and BAM – no job. Just like that, after 9.5 years of service.

Now, we all know there is a lot of uncertainty, gloom & pressure in the broadcast view of the economic climate at the moment; but it is still a shock when it impacts directly on someone you know (and even more if it happens to you!)

Then after a 15 minute conversation, he was not only feeling a bit better – but he’d gone from feeling like he had no real prospects in the New Year, to having a lot to look forward to! Continue reading