It’s July already! Review time…

If you run your own company – perhaps it’s even listed – then you will know all about half-year financial reviews. Not exactly an audit but a review of the balance sheet, discussions with staff, total income, cash flow and changes in equity. Essentially a mechanism by which accountants can see that the company is being managed correctly and can therefore provide good returns to shareholders.Continue reading

Getting to the point

Frequently at the mercy of information overload, I find myself placing greater value on “bite-sized” pieces of information. Not only are they more accessible – I’m far more likely to read, watch or listen to them in the first place – but they are also likely to be more effective at the same time.

Condensing an idea or thought into its key essence without losing meaning is an important skill, yet we can become complacent in our communication.

Have you sent or received an ambiguous “txt msg” lately that could be misunderstood? Continue reading

Information Overload

Do you remember when they used to call the internet the “Information Superhighway”?

Now it seems more like trying to drink from a fire hydrant when we are trying to find a few answers. Yes love it or loath it, the internet is a powerful tool. Learning how we can handle just the right amount of information to make an informed decision is a skill that many of us are still struggling with. One of our listeners asked us

“How do you know when you’ve got enough information & how to put into practice. How do you avoid becoming overwhelmed with knowledge?”

So during this podcast Paul and Gina talk through their own experiences with “Analysis Paralysis” and give a few tips and tricks on how to deal with information overload.

Further reading:

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