To why or not to why, that is the question

Very early on in our coaching training we are warned to stay away from asking out clients “why?”

Why did you do that?

Why didn’t you do what you said you would?

The reason being is that this type of questioning normally results in the client having to justify themselves and can put them in a defensive stance. This frame of mind is the type of situation we find ourselves in, often as children but not exclusively, when we are asked to explain something.
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Stuck in Inaction?

Feel like you are going nowhere?
We might label it as laziness or procrastination at those times when we really don’t feel like we’re making any head-way at all. But what is really going on?

It could be that point in the rollercoaster ride where we are faced with a journey that looks entirely up-hill.

Are you really being lazy? Could it be that you are just progressing towards your goal REALLY slowly? Have you overlooked what you’ve actually completed? Or even worse, are you actually moving in the opposite direction (away from what you want)?

Join Paul & Sam as they explore how to tell which direction you’re facing, whether you’re moving or not, and some ways that you can start to measure & track your progress so that you are always clear on the action that is needed.