Do What Moves You

Recently I was motivated to start using Google+ (I know, me, using social media, who would have thought it!)

So far it’s pretty quiet in there, but what I have found are a few people taking the most amazing pictures of the city I live in, London. I kept seeing them and being blown away by the powerful images of the most ordinary things. Just seeing how the view of a lamp, rooftop, or looking up at a skyscraper seemed to hold a new beauty.

I see many of the things that people are photographing, almost every day. But there was something about these pictures that inspired me. So I started taking my own photos. If I found myself spotting something that made me notice it, I would stop, think about what it was that I was drawn to and then try to capture that essence. I wasn’t trying to take a snapshot, I wanted to point out the one thing that drew me in. Often this would actually be the clouds behind the scene I was looking at. There is something very unique about the clouds in the UK. So you’ll see in many of my pictures that clouds feature prominently.

What I found the most interesting was when I found something that really moved me, it would more often than not, move others. It was like I had suddenly tapped into a new connection, not only with myself, but the others around me.

One comment that really interested me was “I wish I could take pictures like that!” to which I replied, “You can! Just take lots of pictures of things that move you and post the best ones.”

He now goes for walks with his children, with one specific reason. To find things of beauty and capture them on his mobile phone.

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Sun Rise over Tower Bridge

Fed up with trying to be someone else

Are you true to yourself or do you feel frustrated by not being able to be yourself with people?

Gina and Paul talk about how we all can find ourself in a situation where we find we just aren’t being honest with ourselves or the people around us. Maybe we started to tell little white lies at first as it just didn’t seem important, but now it’s become unbearable.

At the start of a relationship it’s all to easy to adapt yourself to fit into the image that you think your potential partner is really looking for, only to find further down the line, you end up resenting them for “making” you act in a different way.

Find out how being honest from the “get go” can really make your life and relationships a lot less troublesome in the future. Learn to be loved for who you really are.