Body Wisdom


When you get sick or injured, do you stop to wonder why? Not just whether you could have prevented it, but actually whether you’ve done something to contribute towards it?

After suffering from several bouts of the ‘flu in close succession, Gina decides to look at what might be causing this pattern of illness. Could there be other causes than just a virus or germs that could result in her body’s ability to cope with the stresses and strains of life?

Join Sam & Gina as they explore some of the ways in which our bodies communicate with us continuously, and how we can start listening to these messages of wisdom.

From releasing pent up emotions through crying, to noticing patterns/recurring issues and ways to start learning how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you – this journey of metaphysical meanderings will give you a few starting points to develop better awareness of your body and what illness and injury can tell us about ourselves.

Some of the resources and experts mentioned in the podcast include:

Louise L Hay – [amazon ASIN=”0937611352″]Heal Your Body[/amazon]

Lise Bourbeau – [amazon ASIN=”2920932179″]Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself[/amazon]

Brandon Bays – [amazon ASIN=”0722538391″]The Journey[/amazon]

Deepak Chopra – [amazon ASIN=”0553173324″]Quantum Healing[/amazon]


Illness at work

Whether it’s the weather, the time of year, a bug doing the rounds or simply bad luck – we are all likely to be feeling ill and run down from time to time.  So, do you go to work or call in sick? It is not always as straight-forward a question as it seems.

I’ve had sinus troubles again recently. Not an unfamiliar story. Luckily, I managed to minimise the infection this time through some timely use of nasal spray, ibuprofen and a lot of rest over the weekend despite having a list of priority things a mile long to do (including studying for an exam on the Monday).  So I got through the exam, and was back at work feeling a wee bit sorry for myself, but confident that I wasn’t posing any risk to my colleagues. I might not have been the sharpest tack in the building, but I was functioning.

However, there were times in the past when I perhaps didn’t rest; when I kept pushing myself through the things that needed doing and consequently spent weeks recovering from the serious infection that set in. Continue reading