Holiday Stress Test – does travel preparation spoil your trip?

stress free zoneIf preparing to travel makes you feel so stressed you start to wonder whether going away is worth it, then you’ve failed the holiday stress test!

The idea of a week or two away might sound like a dream come true, but for many of us an approaching holiday signifies a period of major stress:

  • Things seem to get busier at work, and we want to clear any loose ends before we go away;
  • Preparing to travel (incl. packing) requires a lot of planning and organisation;
  • Our health or holiday budgets can become a concern;
  • Arranging care for our pets can be difficult;
  • And even getting the house ready (so that we don’t come back to a mess) can wear us out.

What can you do if you failed the holiday stress test?

Instead of questioning whether your holiday is actually worth all the stress of preparing for it, you can start to explore what causes you to feel most stressed in the lead-up to a trip. Think back to your last few trips – what were the common patterns/issues?

You don’t want to be left feeling like you need a holiday to recover from the holiday (!), so once you understand what particularly causes your pre-holiday stress a few small changes might make all the difference, allowing you to truly enjoy the holiday you deserve.

Could you be adding to your own pre-holiday stress?

We can also set unrealistic expectations for ourselves prior to a vacation (this is not the time to do a complete spring clean, or wardrobe clear-out!), or even find that our travelling companion(s) have different approaches to travel preparation that might clash with ours…

Listen to this podcast to hear Chris & Sam share some strategies to make the experience easier – so that next time you take the holiday stress-test you’ll hopefully get a different result.

Here’s to stress-free travel!

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