Can you have freedom and structure in your day?

For many of us, the words ‘freedom’ and ‘structure’ are at opposite ends of the spectrum – two opposing concepts that can never co-exist.

But as Chris and Gina have discovered in their own lives, having a balance of both freedom and structure is essential if we want to live creative and productive lives.

Which do you prefer?

More structure, rules and boundaries in your daily live to keep you productive and progressing?

Or, does that feel like you’re caged in, restricted and wanting to break out to absolute freedom?

The key is to get clear on what you really want to achieve or have completed by the end of the day, then deciding how boundaries might help you, or where free-thinking approach will get you there faster.

In this podcast, Chris and Gina share their secrets and provide great real-world examples that can help you make the right decision to find the right balance between freedom and structure.

Leave us a comment to let us know how you manage around freedom and structure to get more done and take more action that matters.

The Hidden Threat in Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone and where the magic happensThe comfort zone sometimes gets a bad rap for being a place where we don’t escape much.

It can be a safe haven for security and safety where good things and good feelings run freely, where we don’t have to extend ourselves or risk too much embarrassment.

Yet life isn’t always so grand in the comfort zone and in fact, there is often a dark shadow lurking like a mysterious character in your favourite horror film.

You don’t always see it and life can go on around it but there are clear times you can sense its presence.

It’s the only reason you haven’t got what you truly want in life:

On some level, in some way, you’ve become comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable.

You might be uncomfortable with your body but have gotten used to the feeling of tight jeans or feeling bloated.

Perhaps you are regularly frustrated with your boss or colleagues and have had to learn to not only endure their daily ineptitude but endure your own daily discontent.

Is your bank account far from where you want it to be leaving you to accept regular overdrafts rather than putting in a smart saving plan or find a way to earn more income while reducing costs.

The more you allow yourself to bear with situations and things that take your further away from your goals and dreams, the more you train yourself to settle.

Settle for less than you’re capable of and way less than you deserve. Resign yourself to less fulfilment. Learn to stomach less happiness.

So right now is the right time to face up to what’s no longer worth putting up with.

It’s time to raise the standards of what is acceptable for you.

It may not be easy to change your experience overnight but you can change your perspective immediately. As is usually the case, big change starts with small steps.

Find something today to give you a small victory and take a stance for your standards.

Make a better, more nourishing food choice. Get off the bus early and walk a little further. Put a little money into your savings account each week. Be confident in having a crucial conversation.

And all the while, start to embrace being uncomfortable again. You deserve it and you’ll be grateful you did.

Leave us a comment and share what you would like to take a stance for in your life. What standards would you like to raise? And how can we help you to do just that?  We’d love to hear from you.

The Illusion of Freedom

What is freedom to you? Financial, emotional, occupational?

Often we hear people say that if they had more money they would be able to do something else; something more exciting or interesting. Or they blame their current circumstances, having to look after the kids, an elderly relative or some other kind of commitment.

All too often we find ourselves holding on to this wishful thought that if we had the freedom, things would be different. Well Paul and Gina are here to tell you that vision of freedom is, in fact, just an illusion. It’s your own way of stopping you from actually fulfilling your dreams.

By sustaining this illusion, people even feel somewhat satisfied that they have already attained their goal, even though it’s just in their mind. This has the added benefit of them never having to go through the hard work and change that might be required to achieve this dream.

So if you often find yourself lost in wishful thinking, it’s time to shatter that illusion and start working towards making it a reality instead.


Persistence is key, the reward is freedom

I was recently listening to an interview with a very amateur swimmer who tried his first triathlon (sport where you swim, then cycle, then run, all part of one race on one day). When he started training he didn’t know how to swim. At all. After some weeks and months of training he entered his first race and swam 1.5kms in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Or more easily understood, he averaged 6 mins 20 secs to swim 100 metres, and was by far the last one to finish the swim. A slow pace by any standard.

However, within a few more weeks he had cut his time for that same distance in half and was now middle of the pack. He used to be afraid of the water and now loves to swim and compete in the sport. When asked of his advice to someone who was taking on a new challenge, his words were as simple as they were profoundContinue reading

Road Through Redundancy

Speaking to a friend yesterday, he was feeling pretty down because his redundancy takes effect today. The week before Christmas and BAM – no job. Just like that, after 9.5 years of service.

Now, we all know there is a lot of uncertainty, gloom & pressure in the broadcast view of the economic climate at the moment; but it is still a shock when it impacts directly on someone you know (and even more if it happens to you!)

Then after a 15 minute conversation, he was not only feeling a bit better – but he’d gone from feeling like he had no real prospects in the New Year, to having a lot to look forward to! Continue reading