GIGO – Garbage in Garbage Out: What are you putting in to your life?

By going without the food, that we all know is bad for us, for a short time both Gina and Paul noticed something very interesting. When they sampled the food they thought they craved before they were able to feel the negative effects much more profoundly.

Both Gina and Paul have had some recent success with their eating habits and have been able to shed a few pounds. But their new diets helped them reflect on what else they were consuming in their lives that was effectively just garbage.

But it’s not just food that seems to make a dent in your physically wellbeing, but the news we read, the relationships we have all have a dramatic effect. By just going without something that you believe is bad for you, for just a week, when you try it again the results seem almost magnified. Their motivation was reduce, their mood was affected and their energy levels were lower.

Going without something for a short period of time could be just the thing you need to help you recognise just how unhealthy it is for you!  The old computer adage of GIGO (Garbage in = Garbage Out).

Even if you “fall off the wagon” once in a while, making sure to get back on track as soon as you can. Re-starting, getting back in to the routine is crucial.   In fact deliberately having a break from being “good” can make you savour what you do. It will also help you notice the difference. You’ll find it easier to notice what is good for you, and the effects of having something bad can have on you.

What garbage are you putting into your life?


Technology and Personal Development

I was thinking today about some of the other websites, gadgets and gizmos that I used to aid me in my own personal development. It got me wondering what does everyone else use?

Of course ActionPodcast is your number one 🙂 but other than that what other websites, iPhone apps and systems do you use to keep you on track with your own personal development?

Personally I use the following
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