How to Give Effective Feedback

Giving feedback to others is something almost all of us do on a regular basis – sometimes more proactively, sometimes reactively. Often times done poorly.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris discuss the critical difference between giving well-intended feedback and well-delivered feedback. Delivering feedback well is a combination of making it meaningful, specific, respectful and authentic. Whether it’s to colleagues at the office, your kids at home or your partner, with a bit of forethought and consideration, you can have a significant impact on someone’s day…all in a matter of a few, well-delivered seconds.

Listen now and leave us a comment on what results you experienced after putting this in place.

The Empowering Paradox of Failure

Earlier this week I spent three days with a group of 20 passionate yet overworked and nearly burned out video game developers. My task: to help them to better understand the impact of the choices they make. Specifically the ones that prevent them from performing at a sustainable high level and keep them from experiencing more consistent happiness and fulfillment.

Without exception, every time I’ve had the opportunity to guide people to greater understanding of the forces that shape their behaviour, and help them to identify new behaviours that they WANT to do, KNOW is good for them, and KNOW will serve the greater good, there is one common question that arises.

Will it really last?

It happens every time.

Change is hard. Can I really change?

Whether it’s a 25-year old video game coder or a 55-year old global business leader, the self-doubt is the same. After all, they’ve been building up years of Continue reading

Getting Feedback Without Fear

There’s nothing better than getting great feedback.

There’s nothing worse than getting bad feedback.

There’s nothing more helpful than getting constructive feedback.

So how on earth do you make sure you get the right feedback? Paul and Sam love getting feedback just as much as anyone and during this podcast they discuss some great suggestions on how to ask for feedback so that you get the right information at the right time to help you improve instead of sending you off in the wrong and often depressing spiral caused by poorly given feedback.