Commitment doesn’t have to be scary…

Go slowly - you can trust yourself

COMMITMENT. Even the word strikes fear into the heart of many of us, while others actively search for this Holy Grail – within and without. It makes them feel safe.

Wherever you stand on the ‘C’ word, fear of commitment to a relationship seems to be a major part of many people’s psychological makeup today. Closely followed by fear of commitment to work, to a geographical location, to well, just about anything really. Perhaps we all have a little bit of the high plains drifter in us, whether we actively express it or not. But is this healthy?

Ultimately it’s all about a fear of commitment to ourselves.

Why we won’t commit
Often we fear commitment because we’ve been hurt before – and will do anything to avoid it happening again. We’ve been in relationships whereContinue reading

Are You Really Committed To Your Commitments?

Sometimes what we say and what we do are very different. Even when we say – or think – we’re committed, our behaviour shows we’re not fully on board. Whether it’s going to the gym, starting that photography course you’ve always dreamed about, finding a new job, or even having a go at on-line dating, if you’re not doing what you want to be doing, it’s time to take an honest look within.

Chris and Gina discuss three simple steps to honestly re-evaluate your dedication level and how you can make committing to a project or goal something fun instead of a chore.