Making Yourself Heard


If you’ve ever felt like you had something important to say, but found that you got to the end of a meeting/appointment/event without raising your questions or sharing your input, it can raise frustration levels high!

Our regular listener and favourite topic-sharer Rob Mey asked a while ago via Facebook:

“Sometimes I feel like I have the answer but people (mostly in a business context) won’t listen, they want to talk and talk and talk and ultimately – the issue becomes about the conversation rather than the issue that started the conversation and nothing gets done… Now I’m not in a leadership position per se and I was wondering what are the best techniques that get people to Shut Up and really listen!?”

Whether it is in a work context, meetings with authority figures, at networking events or even socially – there are things we can do to help ourselves be heard, regardless of whether we’re given an open invitation to talk or not.

Join Paul and Sam as they explore a few techniques that can help us make ourselves heard in the appropriate moments, as well as one thing you can do beforehand to increase your confidence and something you can do after for those times when you’ve still left things unsaid!

How To Stop Losing Motivation Right Now!

You know the feeling, you start out on a new path to better health, being more organised or some other goal that you know is really important to you.

At the beginning you feel like you’ve thought everything through and you’re really motivated to get going. Everything seems to be going great! Your plans have paid off and your journey towards your goal couldn’t seem easier.

So… why do you begin to slip?

Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity.

You find yourself missing the odd gym session, and not being quite as organised. Whatever it is, you can feel yourself slipping back into your old ways. Unless something happens to get you back on track, your goals seem to fade into obscurity and before you know it, weeks have passed since you did anything you initially planned so hard for.

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Wombles clean up London after riots and looting

The riots and looting in London and other cities around the UK are shocking. An out of control mob mentality without conscience profiteering from a terrible situation. However, good always triumphs over thuggery. And the famous Brit Blitz spirit has surfaced yet again, resulting in flash mobs of so-called Wombles connecting via Twitter and Facebook to clean up Clapham, Battersea and other boroughs in the capital. Paul and Gina discuss how these groups of volunteers are sending a powerful message to the thugs: no matter what you do we will clean up and help our neighbours.

Something always positive comes out of negative events, and it’s been interesting to see how social networking has played a major part in bringing these Womble clean-up mobs together for the benefit of their own communities – and communities in other parts of London.


Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

LANCE ARMSTRONG has just had his bike nicked – and broken his collar bone, Jonathan Ross is taking his sick dog to the vet, Stephen Fry is enjoying his day off in Bali (and looking very tanned and svelte I must say), Ashton Kutcher is missing his missus… and Marj from Cincinnati is gonna have a quick … (!) before she picks up the kids from school. twitter-logo

And how do I know these gems? From the 140-character world of the latest social networking craze – Twitter. Move over Facebook and MySpace – Twitter is the SMS (short message service) of choice among 25s and overs.
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