Motivate an Ironman Spectator to become an Ironman Contestant

Recorded in early December, Chris shares with Gina his own challenges and how he was able to motivate himself from being an Ironman triathlon spectator to becoming an Ironman contestant in only a few years.

Major congratulations to our very own ActionPodcast Ironman Chris!

He’s been able to motivate himself to take part in Ironman Cozumel and came in with an incredible time of 13 hours. An amazing achievement. You might not want to do a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride followed by a 42.2km run (phew!) but there is probably one goal in your life you’d like to create.

Any creation outside of your comfort zone requires a few key principles of discipline, courage, persistence and perhaps an extra special meaning that gives you a deeper level of determination. Whether that’s to go after your dream job, your ideal partner or even an Ironman triathlon.

Listen to Chris and Gina discuss “the difference that makes all the difference”.


You Can Do The Impossible

Our very own “Nina Simone”, Gina Baksa starts off the show with her own version of “Feeling Good”.

Gina and Paul talk about overcoming hurdles to achieve things that were out of their own comfort zones. With the support of others and a little practice, it’s amazing how much you can achieve. The impossible becomes reality.

Finding the freedom to do what you want is always a challenge. Your inner voice does its best to try and put you off doing anything new. By externalising your fears, either by talking about them to others, or even by sending a simple text message as we mentioned in the show, you can turn down that voice to a quiet whisper and allow yourself to focus on just doing what you first thought would never be possible.