Time Management Tips – Where does all the time go?

Over the years I’ve taken many courses and tried many approaches to ‘time management’. (Of course, that’s a misnomer of a topic title since you don’t manage time whatsoever. You manage yourself as time passes.)

Planning my day. Planning my week. Scheduling tasks and appointments – even for time just to think and work in silence. Recording actual vs. planned. Monitoring interruptions. Re-planning by Wednesday since the original plan from Monday has all gone up in flames.

I’m not sure I can accurately describe why I have a mild obsession about improving in this area, but I admit I do.

And one thing that is clear to me is trying to solve the wrong problem won’t give you the right answer.

The first step to improving your time management is to accurately diagnosis where the problem lies. Here are a few tips on where to look and where to begin.Continue reading

Morning Habits

If you often wake up grumbling, and generally have to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, then you might not realise how this affects you for the rest of the day. Starting with low energy means everything feels more draining and difficult. But if you get off to a good start with a quick routine that boosts your energy immediately and leaves you feeling motivated, then chances are you’ll have a much better day too!

Join Chris and Sam as they discuss Tip #1 from the ActionPodcast eBook – 80 Tips, Tricks & Perspective Shifts for Everyday Action – and find out how this can help even the most adamant non-morning-person! Whether it is a quick physical burst, a calm mental focus or a dietary delight, you’ll discover how one simple change (or a combination of them) will transform your whole day and leave you feeling great.Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is YOU (and your friends)

All I want for Christmas is for you to have a wonderful time and celebrate your festive socks off.

Spend time with friends, family or even if you are working, have an amazing time.

If I did have just one wish though it would be to have you tell your friends and family about Action Podcast and have them listen to one of our podcasts or browse through our blog posts. Let them know there is a free ebook ready and waiting for them too!


Multitasking Or Are You Just Task Switching?

We often fool ourselves into thinking we are great at multitasking, but actually what we end up doing is simple task switching. Whilst it may feel like we are doing several things effectively but in actual fact we are doing many tasks poorly.

By carefully identifying if you are switching or truly multitasking you can make an informed decision on whether to focus on an important task until it’s completed or to continue really multitasking in its true sense.

Chris and Paul take another tip from the new ActionPodcast eBook and discover a few home truths when it comes to multitasking.

Clearing the confusion of using body language

Many people know a few bits and pieces when it comes to body language. Often it’s difficult to think about your own when you are actually in the moment. Paul and Sam discuss how they use body language and a really simple trick anyone can use to send out the right signals. Also why you should think about your body language even if the other person can’t see you.

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