How to Focus and Deal with Distractions

Free Girl Eating Yummy Pink Donut Creative CommonsStaying focused on what really matters can be a challenge at the best of times, with so many distractions either imposed on you, or even created by you.

Gina and Paul talk about what it’s like to be really focused, and in the ‘flow’. With some help from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi they explore what helps you attain a state of flow.

Gina tells a story about how her niece showed excellent focus by eating a doughnut without licking her lips. Sadly Gina got distracted and didn’t win a free doughnut.Continue reading

How Are You Inviting Distractions Into Your Life?

Do you find yourself getting constantly distracted?

Unable to complete tasks due to outside forces?

Chris and Gina discuss ways in which we invite distractions (often without realising it) into our lives and the impact this has personally and professionally.

Find out how you can acknowledge your distractions and take practical steps to minimise their impact.