Japan Disaster – How it Affects Us All

Like everyone else the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the news reports of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan with increasing horror and great sadness. It’s also amazing how quickly this terrible tragedy has been wiped off the front pages, to be replaced by an equally damaging invasion.

In the initial days after the tragedy what I found most humbling was the incredible humanity displayed by the Japanese victims. Unimaginable suffering mixed with stories of hope; stories of human courage. A US camera crews finds a group of survivors huddled together making food – and immediately one of the men in the group offers the reporter some of their food. Food that they desperately need. His generosity made me cry. This man’s first thought was to look after his guests. How beautiful is that?

Despite finding themselves losing everything, the Japanese have not lost their humanity, their courage and human decency. Continue reading