Food Aware

You Are What You Eat from Flickr by Oh, Nino How food aware are you?

I’ve always been quite conscious of the ingredients in foods I eat, because I’ve suffered from a range of allergies since a very young age. However the phrase “You are what you eat” still puts a bit of the fear into me – because it is really easy to deceive ourselves about the things we put in our stomachs.

After the first mistake in seven years that led to me eating a tiny amount of wheat (and being quite ill) recently, I decided to target my broader dietary complacency with a dose of daily reality.

Challenge: Keep a food diary for 3-4 weeks!

This was something I’d been thinking about for a while, but it seemed like a pretty big commitment to record everything I ate/drank for a month. Plus I wanted to capture how I felt after consuming different things, because I also suspected I had been ignoring a number of signals my body had been giving me… being a wheat-intolerant vegetarian means I’d eat loads of fresh fruit & veg right? Ah, denial!

So after only a week of keeping a food diary, I’ve been amazed at some of the insightsContinue reading

Information Diet

Do you get the feeling of being a bit overloaded with all the information that is available to you daily? Maybe you have even felt it stifles your own creativity? During this episode Paul and Sam talk about the benefits of going on an information diet.

Also at the end of the podcast Paul and Sam put out a request for listeners own personal stories of success so keep . Please get in touch if you’d like to tell us and the other listeners how you managed to overcome your own challenges!


Body Wisdom

Our bodies influence how we think and feel in a way that goes beyond “gut instinct”. There is much wisdom in our physical being, yet we often remain oblivious to it, or even worse, railroad over it regardless. So what does it cost us to ignore the messages that millions of our own cells are giving us?

Today, I’ve been out-of-sorts (or crabbit, as they call it up here!) all day, feeling lethargic and even a bit nauseous… not to mention having trouble concentrating. Why? Largely because I chose to ignore what my body was telling me during the last 24hrs. Continue reading

Over tracking / under tracking and motivation

In coaching we often talk about tracking your progress as you work towards your goals. It’s a vital step to be able to see the progress you have made so that you can:-

  1. Congratulate yourself on real progress that may have gone unnoticed
  2. Make course corrections if needed
  3. Learn from previous attempts to improve

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