Delays are not denials

Do you know that moment when you find out something you’ve been really looking forward to has been cancelled? You’ve been so looking forward to it, building up anticipation, wrapping up your planning and telling your friends all about it? Perhaps a flight for a holiday, a party, a date with someone special, or a new business meeting?

The let down can be very painful and frustrating, sometimes even “devastating”. Or so it seems in the moment. Continue reading

Where do you want your control?

Sometimes bad stuff happens, and whilst we may not like to think of it happening to ourselves or our loved ones, there are times when we may feel helpless in the face of something that occurs.
Feeling like a victim can sap even the most resourceful of us, and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies it can be really unpleasant. We may not be able to change the event or situation, but there is one thing that we can influence – our response to it all.
It is possible to move from a sense of having lost control when something happens to us, to a position where we can feel more resourceful and better able to cope, so join Paul and Sam as we discuss how your Locus of Control affects your responses and what you can do to start shifting it in the right direction.