Three-Word Check-In

Join Sam and special guest podcaster Helena Holrick – founder of Workshops That Work – as they explore how 3 words can transform how you feel about and what you achieve with your day.

Helena created the Three-Word Check-In as part of her process of facilitating brilliance within her clients, and when Sam learnt of it her curiosity was piqued… Helena and Sam started sharing their daily words with each other, and realised how empowering and supportive it was – and that they couldn’t keep it to themselves!

Find out why three words can change the course of your day, and how to make the most of this simple yet profound technique!

Get refreshed with a break of routine

It’s rather easy to fall into a trap of repeating the mundane, day after day. Whether that’s in your time at the gym, your commute to work or any other standard routine in your daily life, it can be easy to lose your spark and decrease motivation. However, as Chris and Paul discuss in this podcast, a little change can break the routine and quickly give you a fresh perspective, a new boost of motivation.

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Daily Action

As a life coach you have to walk your talk and in this episode Paul and Sam talk about examples of what can happen if you do put in a little effort each and every day.

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most normal every day events, as well as the unusual – like the recent snowfall here in the UK!

Paul and Sam talk about how this helps them look at things from a new perspective, sharing tips and tricks on how you can bring this resourcefulness into your daily life.