Can you have freedom and structure in your day?

For many of us, the words ‘freedom’ and ‘structure’ are at opposite ends of the spectrum – two opposing concepts that can never co-exist.

But as Chris and Gina have discovered in their own lives, having a balance of both freedom and structure is essential if we want to live creative and productive lives.

Which do you prefer?

More structure, rules and boundaries in your daily live to keep you productive and progressing?

Or, does that feel like you’re caged in, restricted and wanting to break out to absolute freedom?

The key is to get clear on what you really want to achieve or have completed by the end of the day, then deciding how boundaries might help you, or where free-thinking approach will get you there faster.

In this podcast, Chris and Gina share their secrets and provide great real-world examples that can help you make the right decision to find the right balance between freedom and structure.

Leave us a comment to let us know how you manage around freedom and structure to get more done and take more action that matters.

Are you a believer? Or a creator?

Nikola Tesla – a creator and true genius

Most of us are convinced that until we believe we can have or manifest the object of our desire, then we ain’t never gonna get it. We’re quite sure that unless we have a positive self-image, we simply can’t have what we’d love.

Recognising that most of us have worth, trust, control, capacity, powerless and not allowed to be capable beliefs, which amplify our “it’s impossible” inner editor, it can often seem an impossibility to manifest our hearts’ desires. No wonder NLP is so popular. Any modality that helps to alter state or model behaviour gives our identities a life raft of significant proportions.

And therein lies our essential conundrum as human beings: we have completely forgotten that we have an innate ability to create – at will. Whether we think we’re a stupid dumbo or we’re God’s gift to the universe. We can create despite our beliefs about ourselves. We are co-creators here on this beautiful planet. In addition to the beliefs we’ve made up about ourselves, parents and schools have also colluded in the drama. We’re told that creating involves ‘sacrifice’, that it’s ‘terribly hard work’, that it takes gargantuan talent, and it usually depends on the largesse of some unforgiving God or unseen forces. Or even worse – we have to go into a peak state and run barefoot across hot coals. Yikes! Not true, my friend.Continue reading

Information Diet

Do you get the feeling of being a bit overloaded with all the information that is available to you daily? Maybe you have even felt it stifles your own creativity? During this episode Paul and Sam talk about the benefits of going on an information diet.

Also at the end of the podcast Paul and Sam put out a request for listeners own personal stories of success so keep . Please get in touch if you’d like to tell us and the other listeners how you managed to overcome your own challenges!


Spring has Sprung!

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere (and enjoying the brightening days and the warmer temperatures) or whether you celebrate and remember the story of Easter, this time of year is synonymous with rebirth, renewal and fresh perspectives.

There is certainly something very energising and uplifting about sunny skies and spring bulbs and fresh air without the chill. And for me, this has been accompanied by a deep sense of gratitude – how thankful I am for each ray of sunshine, how beautiful each flower is and how free it feels to finally ditch the thermal underwear I’d been living in for nearly 5 full months!

And whether coincidentally or through divine guidance, I’m experiencing a rebirth of sorts – beginning a new chapter of my life, and giving birth to some dreams that I’ve wanted to nurture for a long while now. It feels like Spring poetry in action!

Alongside the gratitude comes a sense of the impossible becoming – not just possible – but Continue reading

The Benefits of Being Creative

Sam and Gina discuss how becoming more creative – in their professional and personal lives – has not only given them increased self-confidence and happiness, but also impacted positively on their friendships and relationships. In this podcast they’ll give you tips on finding your own inspiration, unblocking your creative U-turns and bringing more magic and fulfillment into your life.

Read Chris’s related blog post on how we find so many excuses not to do things here


Unleash Your Creativity!

As regular readers will know, I am a big fan of the writer, playwright and all-round creative maestro, Julia Cameron. In her seminal work, The Artist’s Way, she takes readers through an inspiring 12-week programme to identify creative blocks and U-turns, re-ignite the creative spark within, and then take action to keep the flame alive.

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop of Julia’s here in London recently. Her amazing way of engaging the subconscious and allowing it full expression, despite the ego’s resistance was a wonderful exercise in giving my creativity full reign. I remembered long forgotten dreams of photography, art and dance. Working in pairs we blasted through self-doubt and internal critics to discover what we would truly love to create. And the best thing? It doesn’t have to be perfect.Continue reading

Stretch, Stumble… and Succeed!

The month of November has seen me embark on a challenge of great passion, purpose and perspective – unlike anything I’ve ever committed myself to before.

It was always going to be a wild challenge, and early on it grew a tail as well as threatening teeth & claws! But it has taken all my resources as a coach and a life-long learner to stick with it. The challenge is to write 30,000 words in 30 days – which is quite a stretch from the only other piece of lengthy writing I’ve done (6,000 words over a few months). I started with one month of research, followed by one month of planning, and yet November has still felt under-prepared.Continue reading

Different Ways of Doing Things

We all have different ways of approaching a task, particularly if it is something we’ve not done before.

Paul and Sam explore the possibilities of asking “How to…?” do something – whether it is drawing, cooking or starting a podcast! From opening a Pandora’s box on Google, to discussing the merits of having a clear goal (or picture) vs simply knowing where to start; different styles can even affect our self-criticism!

Continue reading

Two Phases of Thought

Have you ever found yourself trying to be creative but you just weren’t able to access that side of your brain? During today’s podcast Chris and Paul talk about the two phases of thought and how to access your logical and creative sides at will. By changing your location or environment and the tools that you use can have a huge impact on which mode you are in.

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Morning Pages

We have mentioned Morning Pages before, but Gina has also been experiencing the powerful creative space that they can bring. Paul and Gina talk about using this technique to really get your creative juices flowing!