The Power of Reviewing 2012

Happy-New-Year-2013-HD-Wallpaper-2Happy New Year everyone!  We made it!

Clearly, 2013 is just the beginning of a massive shift in consciousness… I think the Mayans knew this very well, that 2012 marked the end of an old way of being and interacting – with ourselves and those around us – as well as the planet.

And as I watched the amazing NYE fireworks on the Thames two days ago, I felt excited and full of optimism for the year to come. The New Year is traditionally a time of resolution- and goal-setting. But this year I decided to celebrate a little differently.

Instead of setting goals – I’ve looked back over 2012 and did a ‘completion’ exercise on the whole year. This a great way to let your subconscious know you’re through with certain projects and can put them to bed. It’s a way of acknowledging your triumphs, your challenges and bringing to your awareness exactly what you’ve learnt the past year.
So I asked myself the following questions:

1. What have I created?

2. What have I learnt?

3. What is it true to let go of?

4. What would I love to create now?

You could do this ‘straight’ ie just ask the questions and receive the answers. Or you could do it more intuitively – so you’ll get answers from your subconscious (no avoiding the truth there!).

To tune in to your subconscious is very easy. Simply close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths and imagine you are surrounded by a circle of gold light.
Ask yourself the first question, ‘What have I created’ and allow the first image or symbol to appear. It could be anything – from a banana to a colour to a mountain… Don’t judge the image… just open your eyes and write it down. Then it’s time to interpret it.

What does this symbol or image mean to you? Just make it up. There is no right or wrong answer. Simply allow your subconscious to speak. Then using the same symbol, ask yourself,  “What have I learnt.”

Repeat the above for questions 3 and 4, getting a new symbol for each question.
You’ll probably find the answers quite illuminating as I did. By doing this exercise intuitively you are more likely to receive the ‘truth’ of your creations, your learning, your letting go and what your heart would love to create next.

Happy completing! And happy creating 🙂

Are you a believer? Or a creator?

Nikola Tesla – a creator and true genius

Most of us are convinced that until we believe we can have or manifest the object of our desire, then we ain’t never gonna get it. We’re quite sure that unless we have a positive self-image, we simply can’t have what we’d love.

Recognising that most of us have worth, trust, control, capacity, powerless and not allowed to be capable beliefs, which amplify our “it’s impossible” inner editor, it can often seem an impossibility to manifest our hearts’ desires. No wonder NLP is so popular. Any modality that helps to alter state or model behaviour gives our identities a life raft of significant proportions.

And therein lies our essential conundrum as human beings: we have completely forgotten that we have an innate ability to create – at will. Whether we think we’re a stupid dumbo or we’re God’s gift to the universe. We can create despite our beliefs about ourselves. We are co-creators here on this beautiful planet. In addition to the beliefs we’ve made up about ourselves, parents and schools have also colluded in the drama. We’re told that creating involves ‘sacrifice’, that it’s ‘terribly hard work’, that it takes gargantuan talent, and it usually depends on the largesse of some unforgiving God or unseen forces. Or even worse – we have to go into a peak state and run barefoot across hot coals. Yikes! Not true, my friend.Continue reading

Creating your own Boilerplate for life

Recently I joined a local business networking group. It’s a good way to get to know other local businesses and exchange a few referrals. It’s also a really good support group for developing your own business strategy. One of the things we all do at this group is give a 60 second review of our business. Some people call this an elevator speech. Previously I would normally make up my 60 seconds on the fly, as I’m quite happy to ad lib and sometimes the pressure results in a few amusing points that wouldn’t have come out in a totally prepared speech.

Continue reading