Supporting a Friend with Low Confidence

imgresHow to be a friend to someone with low confidence.

A great topic suggestion from Anne-Marie, who’s friend is suffering from a bout of low confidence. So what can she do to help her friend through this period of low confidence?

By first focusing on the language that both of you use, you can help them find areas in which they do have confidence. This kind of support will help your friend recognise that there are good parts and not everything is doom and gloom.

Although your friend might not have confidence in a specific task, helping them recognise their own self belief can be critical to helping them through a difficult time.

Confidence is based on being certain, to a degree, of an outcome. No matter how inconsequential it might seem. Taking baby steps can really lead to big changes over time.

With your support, your friend will have the choice to make small changes everyday so that in a few weeks, months or maybe years they will be in a better place. If they start making those changes now.

Listen to the podcast to find out how to change your focus and give you the strength to move forward.

Have you helped a friend through a period of low confidence? What worked for you and more importantly your friend? Leave a comment below or use our feedback page

Head First – Giant Leaps Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leap of Faith - Krabi ThailandIn a previous blog post, Gina shared some tips for stepping out of your comfort zone especially in the face of fear & uncertainty; and in another, Chris looked at how staying in your comfort zone can lead to The Greatest Regret You May Ever Have. But for my first post in months, I wanted to be ambitious and explore those times when we need to truly jump head first…

With a giant leap of faith.

Throw ourselves into the deep-end.

And take massive steps out of our comfort zones.

It is scary though. Some people might never choose to face these leaps head on; but some of us do, and throughout our lives have chosen to step massively outside our comfort zone. Why is this so?

Why Leap Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?

The inspirational idea of “feel the fear and do it anyway” offers us ways to challenge our negative thinking, in order to move from feeling stuck or overwhelmed to happier and more assertive, but there are also times when no amount of logic or positive intention can shift us out of the rut we find ourselves in.

A lot of the time, confidence comes from the actual doing of something – not from the desire to do it, or even necessarily the preparation towards doing it. So by choosing to leap forwards into the unknown, we are automatically giving ourselves a confidence boost. We create the sense of being confident or of achieving confidence specifically because we’re doing something so radical – something we have no idea if we’ll succeed at! Whereas, sometimes the pressure of preparation and trying to work up the courage to do something simply ends up adding to it’s sense of overwhelming terror.

So instead of staying stuck, or struggling against the tide, there is on occasion a time and a place for a more avant garde approach…

I think of it as my “balls to the wall” approach!Continue reading

5 Simple Steps for a Personal Year in Review

If your year didn’t turn out as well as you hoped it would, it’s time for honest reflection and make time for your personal “year in review”.

At this time of year many people end up disappointed and perhaps disillusioned as to where it went wrong.

But rather than looking back with regret you owe it to yourself to look back with curiousity to actively seek the lessons that you can take into your next 12 months.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris give practical steps to make sure you review with the right attitude, mindset and desire to learn, and outline these 5 perspectives to investigate from.


Whether you set specific goals at the start of the year or not, the quality of your actions are constantly influenced by the amount of clarity you current have on how to achieve what you want. On reflection, we often discover that we weren’t nearly as clear as we thought we were – or needed to be – in order to get what we hoped for.


To what extent did you have the certainty and confidence to take the steps that were needed to achieve your outcomes, or to overcome the barriers in your way? Listen to Paul and Chris discuss the factors that shape your confidence as it relates to Continue reading

How to Give Effective Feedback

Giving feedback to others is something almost all of us do on a regular basis – sometimes more proactively, sometimes reactively. Often times done poorly.

In this podcast, Paul and Chris discuss the critical difference between giving well-intended feedback and well-delivered feedback. Delivering feedback well is a combination of making it meaningful, specific, respectful and authentic. Whether it’s to colleagues at the office, your kids at home or your partner, with a bit of forethought and consideration, you can have a significant impact on someone’s day…all in a matter of a few, well-delivered seconds.

Listen now and leave us a comment on what results you experienced after putting this in place.

Get Confident by Taking Immediate Action

Confidence is simply a belief that something is true. Our challenge in feeling self confident stems from the story we tell ourselves and the imagination we allow to run wild that allows doubt to creep into our minds.

Often we put off doing things until we feel super confident and until we feel we won’t be rejected or fail in our mission.

But as Chris and Gina discover, you can take action towards your desired end result NOW – and still get great results – without waiting till you’re perfect or a superhero!

Let us know in what area of your life you’d like to have more confidence and we’ll do a future show to give you practical tips and strategies we know will work. Leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page.


5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Conquer Your Fear So many people fail to succeed in life because of their fear of failure.  They work hard but they don’t seem to succeed.


Because they lack confidence.  They don’t believe in themselves. I know a lot of people who want to succeed but have little or no confidence in themselves.

I’m going to give you 5 ways to boost your self confidence, and increase your chances of success in life. Keep in mind though that true confidence can’t be gained overnight. Much like everything in life, you really need to take small steps – consistently – if you want to increase your confidence.Continue reading

Making Yourself Heard


If you’ve ever felt like you had something important to say, but found that you got to the end of a meeting/appointment/event without raising your questions or sharing your input, it can raise frustration levels high!

Our regular listener and favourite topic-sharer Rob Mey asked a while ago via Facebook:

“Sometimes I feel like I have the answer but people (mostly in a business context) won’t listen, they want to talk and talk and talk and ultimately – the issue becomes about the conversation rather than the issue that started the conversation and nothing gets done… Now I’m not in a leadership position per se and I was wondering what are the best techniques that get people to Shut Up and really listen!?”

Whether it is in a work context, meetings with authority figures, at networking events or even socially – there are things we can do to help ourselves be heard, regardless of whether we’re given an open invitation to talk or not.

Join Paul and Sam as they explore a few techniques that can help us make ourselves heard in the appropriate moments, as well as one thing you can do beforehand to increase your confidence and something you can do after for those times when you’ve still left things unsaid!

Making Accountability Work for You

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of your day, and wondered what the hell you’d been working on despite having felt very busy and productive, then a dose of accountability might be exactly what you need!

Being consciously aware of what we’ve achieved is great for our general sense of well-being and contribution, and it can also significantly boost our confidence. But in the busyness of life, it can be easy to forget, overlook or play down the extent of what we’ve achieved – and by choosing to be accountable to someone (or some thing), we give ourselves key moments to reflect on our productivity and achievement, and whether our system of prioritising is working well for us.

Join Paul and Sam as they explore some different options for adding a helpful dose of accountability into your day, and even what some of the unexpected benefits might be!

It’s Time to Face Your Elephant


Do you find yourself taking care of a lot of fairly small, quite inconsequential things when there is a really big issue that trying to get your attention?

A difficult conversation, situation or an old issue that knocks your confidence?

We all do it at times and in this podcast, Chris and Paul discuss WHY this happens and more importantly, what you can DO to face the ‘elephant in your room’ with greater ease, confident and success than you’re currently imagining.

We’d love to hear your experiene on how you’ve been able to overcome those big challenging situations so please leave a comment on this page.Continue reading

Perfect in our imperfections

As someone who has suffered through the effects of perfectionism most of my life, it was really liberating to write out a mantra recently that epitomises a more nurturing (and effective) alternative:

“This is pretty good; I think I’ll keep going.”

This one came from [amazon ASIN=”0330343580″]The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron[/amazon], and is one of many affirmations, techniques and perspectives that have helped me loosen the grip of perfectionism that had stopped me achieving much, let alone my best.

I know the other ActionCoaches have also struggled with the need to be perfect from time to time, so here is a collection of some of our top insights into how to live a more effective and fulfilled lifeContinue reading

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