Making Yourself Heard


If you’ve ever felt like you had something important to say, but found that you got to the end of a meeting/appointment/event without raising your questions or sharing your input, it can raise frustration levels high!

Our regular listener and favourite topic-sharer Rob Mey asked a while ago via Facebook:

“Sometimes I feel like I have the answer but people (mostly in a business context) won’t listen, they want to talk and talk and talk and ultimately – the issue becomes about the conversation rather than the issue that started the conversation and nothing gets done… Now I’m not in a leadership position per se and I was wondering what are the best techniques that get people to Shut Up and really listen!?”

Whether it is in a work context, meetings with authority figures, at networking events or even socially – there are things we can do to help ourselves be heard, regardless of whether we’re given an open invitation to talk or not.

Join Paul and Sam as they explore a few techniques that can help us make ourselves heard in the appropriate moments, as well as one thing you can do beforehand to increase your confidence and something you can do after for those times when you’ve still left things unsaid!

Time Management Tricks

Time management is always a challenge, but taking the time to use a few tricks to keep you on track can make a dramatic difference.

If you think something should take 45 mins then setting an alarm for that time not only keeps you on track but also serves as a reminder that you need to focus on what you are doing. It’s also great for making sure you take breaks that will actually add to your motivation rather than hinder it.

Chris and Gina reveal many other tips to help you make a conscious effort to keeping on track and on time.

Using Social Networking Groups

Both Gina and Paul have recently been doing the rounds in networking groups. These are local groups of people that meet up in our area to share business ideas and network. Some of the groups we tried were:-

You can also find many groups using the website That is where we have our very own ActionPodcast Meetup Group.

In today’s podcast we talk about our own experiences with these groups, what went well, and an example of how not to network!

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Creating your own Boilerplate for life

Recently I joined a local business networking group. It’s a good way to get to know other local businesses and exchange a few referrals. It’s also a really good support group for developing your own business strategy. One of the things we all do at this group is give a 60 second review of our business. Some people call this an elevator speech. Previously I would normally make up my 60 seconds on the fly, as I’m quite happy to ad lib and sometimes the pressure results in a few amusing points that wouldn’t have come out in a totally prepared speech.

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Let us help you even more

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One thing to really make clear is that it’s a two way street!

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